After all both not hetero

Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 21:23:47 +0200
From: Koos Intoall
Subject: Gay Scat Story
After all these years living as hetero friends, now gay friends even with
scat and piss.
Gerard and I were friends for many years but also colleagues on our work.
He was busy divorcing from his wife and I was already a few years divorced.
Because Gerard did not like to be with his wife during the weekend, he
asked me to join him visiting bars. Of course I agreed. We already started
on Saturday afternoon. After a few bars we found a bar that we never
visited before and went in.
To our surprise it was a gaybar. Since we never had problems with gay
people, we stayed and order beer after beer. Gerard said he had to go to
the toilet for a leak. When he came back he looked a bit surprised but had
also a twinkling in his eyes. I asked him what had happened and he said
that after he entered the toilet room, he saw two couples of men. A guy was
rimming the other and with the other couple was one guy pissing in the
others mouth, meanwhile swallowing the most of it. Now I was curious to go
and see this myself, but waited another five minutes and then went also to
the toilet room. In de toilet room was a similar situation going on. A guy
just came out a stall, bent over for another guy on his knees, who started
to lick his ass clean. I could see that he had not whipped his ass before
he left the stall. Strange enough I felt my dick growing in my pants and
felt horny seeing this. Before it was not possible anymore, I did where I
came for and left the toilet room.
I told Gerard what I saw inside and that this had effect on my dick. For
many years I was wondering how it would be to do it with a man. Could I be
bi-sexual. I told this to Gerard and he admitted that he thought the same
but never tried this with another man. Because I was a little drunk, I
suddenly said why shouldn’t you try this with your best friend and within
one second Gerard said why not.
We decided to go to my place and after we went in, we both needed a few
whiskeys because we were both nervous about our plan. With a little
hesitation we went in the bedroom and got undressed. In bed we first
started kissing and then got in to ninety-six position. We took each
other’s dick in our mouth and started sucking. With my lips I pushed his
foreskin backwards and started licking behind his knob. I noticed that it
must be days ago when Gerard has washed his dick for the last time but I
did not care. It even made me more horney. We came almost the same time and
for the first time in my live a tasted cum. It tasted very well and decided
to swallow it all. Gerard did the same. We remained about ten minutes on
the bed, meanwhile licking the after drops of each other’s seed.
Then we went naked back to the living room for another drink and discussed
what we had done, how we loved it and what we could do the next time. We
had no experience in gay sex and we knew only what we had seen in the
toilet room of the gaybar.  Gerard told me he didn’t like the rimming thing
or drinking piss. I told him that just that made me horney.  Suddenly
Gerard stood up, went to me and started to push his dick in my mouth. I
thought he wanted another blowjob until I felt he was pissing. After I
noticed that the taste was good I started to drink his piss and because he
was slow pissing I didn’t lose one drop of his golden nectar. Of course my
dick started to rise again. After he was finished pissing, I sucked on his
dick until the last drop and his dick also started to rise again.
We went back to the bedroom and Gerard went on all fours with his legs
wide-spread and gave me the order to rim his ass. With both hands I pushed
his ass wide open and saw that he had a very hairy ass. But not only that
because I saw that he hardly has wiped his ass the last time he went to the
toilet. He had a beautiful asshole and that toke away my hesitation. With
my nose nearby I first sniffed his ass and then carefully started to lick
the sidewalls of his ass.  Now, so incredible horney, I stuck my tongue in
the dirty part of his ass and licked it clean. It didn’t taste to bad and
now entered my tongue in his asshole, flipping it in and out. Gerard
started to moan and whispered that this was so good so we both enjoyed what
we are doing. After a short while I noticed that he was pushing out his ass
ring and I was wondering why he did this until I felt with my tongue that
something was coming out. He pushed a little harder and a firm turd was
entering my mouth.  Then he stopped while his turd still stuck in his
ass. Now I started to give his turd a blowjob until I bit a piece of and
began to chew on it and swallowed it. Then I started again until every part
was gone. Now I lay down on my back en Gerard took a sitting position with
his ass close to my mouth and started pressing again. Now he didn’t stop
and I got more shit in my mouth then I could chew and swallow. Now Gerard
started to wipe his ass over my entire face. He stood up, turned around and
stuck his dick in my shit filled mouth. After a few strokes he took his
dick out to see the result. His dick was complete covered with his own
shit. Meanwhile I could chew and swallow the shit that I still had in my
mouth. Then he stuck his dick again in my mouth and I gave him a blowjob
until he came. After tasting his load I swallowed this with pleasure and
saw that his dick was perfectly clean.
We were surprised that the bed was still clean so I never missed a drop of
his piss or piece of his shit. Gerard ordered me to go to the bathroom and
take a shower. He walked with me and in the bathroom he was pointing to the
toilet and asked me why it was so dirty. I told him that the toilet brush
was broken and I forgot time after time to buy a new one. Okay, he said,
your new assignment is to lick this toilet clean because I refuse to use
such a dirty toilet. Right now he ordered again. So I went on my knees in
front of the toilet. The toilet seat was clean so I pushed it up and then
saw that the edge of the bowl was covered with dry and hardly dry piss
stains. Now I started to lick this clean and after I finished I wanted to
stand up but Gerard told me also to clean inside the bowl because many
brown stripes were visible. Now I dove my had in the bowl and started
licking the brown stripes. Meanwhile Gerard bent over my back, shoved his
dick in my ass and started pumping. Although the bowl was perfectly clean
now he kept with one hand on my head inside the bowl until he came in my
ass.  Now he told me to turn around on my knees and ordered me to clean his
dick that was covered with my own shit. While I was doing this with
pleasure he told me to press and shit on the tile floor. Because he had
fucked my ass I was lose enough to shit easy. By sucking his dick clean he
again got a hard one and after a few minutes he came again in my mouth. Now
I had to turn around again and he ordered me to lick his cum from my
shit. After I finished that he told me to eat my own shit until the tiles
were clean again.
Gerard told me I had done my best and as a reward he let me fuck his ass. I
was so horney that It took me less than a few seconds before I came. I
thought we were both ready now but he ordered me now to suck my own cum out
of his ass. After I did that we together took a shower and went back to the
living room for another drink. Now he told me that outside or on the job we
would be normal friends but inside this house he would be the master and I
his slave. Of course I agreed with that because this afternoon was the best
thing ever happened. He also told that he would go home to collect his
personal stuff and come to live in my apartment. Of course I couldn’t
refuse since he is my master.
A few weeks later we were walking near a park when we saw a public toilet
and Gerard said he had to go and ordered me to come with him. Inside it
smelled terrible and the cause of that was that these toilets and urinals
weren’t cleaned on a regular base. Now he said that he will not piss in a
dirty urinal or shit on a dirty toilet. At first I thought he was goanna
use me again as his toilet but instead he said I had to lick the two
urinals clean. So again I went on my knees and started to clean the very
dirty urinals. After I finished the first one I started with the
second. Suddenly Gerard asked why I was smiling during licking. I told him
that not long ago somebody had jerked himself of and came in this urinal
and I was smiling because the taste of the remains was very good. He told
me with a angry voice that a slave shouldn’t have fun and to punish me I
also had to clean the two toilets. I went into the first one and saw that
they were very, very dirty and there was no toilet brush inside. It took me
more than ten minutes to lick the bowl clean. Meanwhile we heard the
outside door and a moment later the door of the stall next to us. About one
minute later the guy next door, had probably heard our whispering, asked us
if we had any toilet paper left because inside his stall there was
nothing. Gerard said that we also hadn’t any toilet paper but that he did
had a solution. We heard the man laughing and he said that every solution
very welcome was. Gerard ordered me to go to that man and offer him my
tongue to clean his ass. I went next door and opened it. The man inside
bent over and ordered me to do my job.  I licked his sweaty and shit
covered ass clean with pleasure because it tasted very good. After I was
finished the man left without flushing the toilet.  Inside the bowl a saw a
firm turd and a moment later Gerard joined me in this stall and looked
inside the bowl. He now ordered me to take the turd out and eat it
all. Because I am a loyal slave I did what he said without hesitation.
Luckily the taste was extremely good and it didn’t took a long time to
finish this.

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