After a couple of drinks

So last night after woke I went for a few drinks with some friends wasn’t out late left there at midnight got home had some food and watched a bit of TV then realised I was busting for the toilet so I ran up stairs to my bedroom and put a pair of trackies on and a old pair of jeans and just let go there was loads so I stuck a towel on my bed not that it made a difference and squared the piss ran down my legs and I gave a massive push from my ass and my boxers filled with shit so when I couldn’t go anymore I sat and rocked in my shit love feeling it smoosh round my ass at this point I was so horny so I wanked off come all over myself and needed to pee again so I just let go it went all over my and my bed the whole ordeal was amazing then I just went to sleep still wearing everything 🙂 woke up went to have a wash and needed to wee again so I just let go thought why the hell not 🙂

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  1. Do you only do it at home alone or do you do some public wettings and or poopings either alone or with friends?

  2. Oh yeah that was so hot , love that warm feeling of just letting it all go and falling asleep in all that mess

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