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So i did it. I had a chat with a man living in my city, following the ad i had published on a adult board.
I offered my shitter services to deliver a nice and fresh pooped pair of cute briefs.
After a quite hot talk (he sent me some pics of his big cock, and i replied with a close view of my shitty asshole), we agreed to proceed to the deliver of some 4 days worn briefs, today.

Two hours ago, i let a little paquet in a very quiet place.
In this small black plastic bag was the undewear i had peed and wiped my hole in.
I had written my name on the cute little tag with attention, and finished wiping my ass with it.
The rear of the briefs looked like an used sheet of paper toilet, and the front had a strong odor of pee.

I just received a mail from the man who went behind me to take what i had forgot there.

He told me he went out of his office to get the package, then went back in here, and took the time to unfold my briefs. He loved the naughty poo stains, and the sweet perfume too.

Now he wants me to tell him more about my underwear… what soiled it to this point ?

I’m feel very very naughty and very excited too !

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