Adam breeds and dumps

Adam (28 years old) got back very late from the convention and flopped into bed with his boyfriend. He was asleep within minutes As the morning sun rose, so did Adam. He had a big puffy swollen morning cock as usual. His boyfriend loved it when Adam got back from a trip. Adam would always be very horny and really needing sex. .So he dozed quietly when he felt Adam stir next to him. His young boyfriend was on his stomach and Adam sat up, Adam’s seven thick inches and smooth big nuts were about to get relief, after not having cum for eight days. His boyfriend groaned ever so slightly ….Adam knew he was going to fuck his boyfriend and cum inside him. It wouldn’t take long. He could feel that his bowels and bladder were full too, but right now he just needed to cum. Then he’d use the bathroom, come back to bed and fuck his boyfriend again, taking his time the second time. Adam didn’t even offer his cock to his boyfriend to suck. He just sighed and mounted his boyfriend, who groaned and stirred a little. Adam reached over, got a handful of lube, slicked his hand back and forth a few more times til his fat cock was rock hard, then put some lube on the willing hole of his boyfriend. As he got into position, Adam let out a short fart which made them both laugh a little. It couldn’t be helped as Adam had a big bowel movement waiting inside him. Adam slowly slid his fat hard penis into his boyfriend. . “mmmmm” groaned Adam: his boyfriend gave a few little short gasps as the thick cock went into him Adam stretched himself out on top of his boyfriend and slowly started humping. His boyfriend already knew that Adam was going to come inside him, it was what they both loved most, and when Adam was horny like this it was even better. After about 20 seconds, Adam started thrusting a little faster…”oh yeah” he grunted. After just another minute Adam could already could feel the semen building up in his balls and abruptly stopped. He kissed and gently bit his boyfriend’s neck as he lay top of him for a minute or two. His cock was rock hard and pulsating inside his boyfriend, he had been very close to cumming. His boyfriend loved being completely under the control of the sexy muscled man and savoured it all. His cock still rock hard, Adam waited til his urge to cum faded a bit. After a couple of minutes Adam’s cock began to deflate a little, and he began thrusting again, first slowly then a bit quicker. Adam panted “oh yeah”. His cock quickly went rock-hard again. He went faster and faster, looking into his boyfriend’s eyes…. “it’s coming…oh fuck yeah, ungh…ungh….ungh..”. Both men knew what was about to happen. Adam suddenly grunted…”UUNNGGHH” and slammed his cock all the way in, Adam gritted his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut as a huge silent smile of ecstasy came over his face, a beautiful pause, then he screamed “AAAHHHHH!!!!!” as the first huge first spurt of semen shot from his penis.… he sank down on his boyfriend and moaned “aaaah…ahhh…” as spurt after spurt of semen erupted unseen from his cock. Adam held his boyfriend so tight he couldn’t move under him, while he held his cock all the way in and squirted a weeks’ worth of sperm into him. When the spasms finally stopped, Adam whispered to his boyfriend “I gotta take a shit then I need to cum again”. Adam and his boyfriend were pretty open about pissing and dumping in front of each other. He loved watching and listening to Adam on the toilet. So Adam eased his wet dripping cock out and got up, walking into the bathroom. His boyfriend followed, eager to watch it happen. It always turned him on seeng Adam take a dump. Adam sat his buff smooth white ass on the seat while his boyfrined sat in his usual place on the edge of the bathtub directly in front of Adam. He sat straight up, spread his legs a little and pushed his semi-hard cock down into the pan, holding it there as he relaxed his body. He knew he had to take a nice big shit. As he sat quietly, a few drops of pee mixed with sperm came out his pee-slit, then a tiny squirt of pee, then a torrent. As his pee splattered, Adam stared straight ahead and relaxed his anal ring. His boyfriend was like a fly-on-the-wall, just watching Adam and not saying anything. Adam’s pee dribbled then stopped. A slight crackling sound came from his anus. Taking a shit felt so good sometimes. he saw his boyfriend getting hard while watchig and Adam grunted a little bit, looking into his boyfriend’s eyes. He took another breath and began to push like he always did: his strong stomach muscles pulled in and held as the hunky man bore down. Adam’s face grew tense and he pursed his lips together, then his cheeks puffed out a bit. After a few seconds, he sighed and let his breath out. Nothing yet. The stud took another breath and pushed. This time he grunted “uuunghhh” quietly. He was rewarded with a high pitched, short fart. Adam exhaled, took another breath, and raised up on his toes. He pushed again, harder. “Unnnggghh” .His face went a bit red, he looked at his byfrined and then squeezed his eyes shut. More pee dribbled out of his wilting cock. Another tiny fart as the stud still bore down… now there was a hissing, crackling sound from Adam’s anus. Adam’s boyfriend listened intently, he was so turned on he felt ready to explode. With his ring now pushed fully open by the big stool waiting just inside, Adam sighed, relaxed and leaned forward, his feet flat on the floor and sat, clasping his strong hands together, letting nature take its course. He stared at the floor between his feet, his anus gaping open. His boyfriend reached over and stroked Adam’s neck and hair. “That’s it baby, push”. In a few seconds, unseen behind Adam’s balls, the tip of a thick, dark brown stool appeared. His soft cock produced more dribbles of pee, just as some small chunks of shit broke off and landed in the bowl: “plink…plunk,…ploink”. Adam gave a slight grimace as they popped out, then his powerful ab muscles pushed in again and held, slowly forcing out the thick, dark brown stool, squeaking and crackling as moved as it came slowly. When it was about two inches out of his anus, it stopped. Adam sat quietly and waited a minute while it still hung there. Then the muscle stud bore down again and grunted once more…”uunnnnnggghhhh” Adam couldn’t see it, but the piece of shit came out some more until about 7 inches were hanging from Adam’s hole, then it suddenly broke…there was a huge “ker-PLUNK” as it splashed in. “Yeah, sounds big”, his boyfriend whispered. The beginning of the next turd was stuck in his hole Some more pee dribbled out Adam’s wilting cock. Adam’s waste now kept coming, slowly crackling out in one big long piece. “yeah it’s a big one” grunted Adam contentedly continuing to stare straight ahead, enjoying the exquisite feeling of letting out two days of waste while his boyfriend watched and listened. After about 10 seconds of continuous crackling sounds, there was a little hiss of gas, and then a quiet flopping sound as the log finally eased into the bowl. “aahh” sighed Adam quietly. His boyfriend said “ahh yeah, that was huge Adam, you feel better?” “Mmmmm” purred Adam. The strong meaty smell of Adam’s b/m wafted into the room, the remains of the past two days’ meals, lots of meat and chicken with cheese, pasta, bread and vegetables. Adam lifted his muscled butt off the seat and had a look at what he’d produced. There were some small balls of shit, one thick log 7 inches long, and a second huge thick log, about 11 inches, which was half in and half out of the water, that’s why it smelled so strong. Adam held his cock down into the pan and finally a nice long piss came, a strong stream which continued for a good 20 seconds. It felt so good. Adam started to think about round two of fucking his boyfriend and his cock was starting to get hard again. He grunted hard “uunnngghhh” “More?” said his boyfriend. “”unngh, yeah” grunted Adam. Another short fart and yet more mushy feces came. This was a great dump. After a few more minutes of sitting and pushing with no more shit, Adam knew he was done. “All done”, he smiled. He lifted off the seat so his boyfriend could check out the turds in the toilet. He then began to wipe, folding, wiping and inspecting the paper after each wipe, til there were no more skidmarks. Adam was semi hard now. He got up and flushed the toilet, watching the two huge turds and little chunks of shit as they went down. Both men had full erections and were ready for more. Adam’s boyfriend had been close to cumming just from watching his man on the toilet.

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