actually HAD to use diapers the last few days

I’ve enjoyed wearing the occasional diaper from time to time for fun, but the last few days have been different. I had a reaction to a medication that caused me to become a bit incontinent with peeing. It started while I was out shopping. I got hit with an incredible urge to piss. The best way I can describe it is to say that it felt as though the pee was already out of my bladder and on the verge of leaking from my penis as soon as I felt the need to go at all. It was that intense. I squeezed myself and walked quickly to the restroom. I made it inside, and rushing to the first urinal I managed to get my dick out seconds before spaying everywhere. I left to go home amazed by how intense the experience was, but I wasn’t alarmed yet.

less than two hours later I was home watching television and the same thing occurred, only this time I wet a bit. I rushed to my bathroom but I couldn’t hold it all the way to the toilet and ended up pissing in my sink. Okay, now I am getting concerned. Less than an hour goes by before the insane urge returns while I am folding laundry, and this time I completely piss myself. The urge hit, and I take two steps before it goes like a fire hose in my pants. I confide in my wife about my situation, and she goes out and buys me some depends real fit briefs.  I wore one through the night, and woke up soaked, then getting up my bladder cuts loose again and I flood the sodden diaper to the point that it leaks onto the floor. 

During that same day I wore the depends briefs while out working, and they were a life saver. I was able to make it to the toilet throughout the day, but not without making a few squirts in my pants on the way. For example, around noon the urge hit, and I ran to the bathroom, I made it inside with no accident, but the minute I stepped up to the urinal I lose two big spurts before getting my pants undone. The worst was when I stopped to pick up a few things from an unknown store, and I lost it while looking for the restroom. I will not forget the sensation of feeling my pants (depends briefs) getting warm and heavy while staring at the door of the restroom I found a minute too late. 

It’s been a few days, and now I’m almost back to normal. I’m not wearing at this time, but I am still having to go to bathroom a little more suddenly than usual.

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