Accidental Witness

So recently I had the pleasure of seeing an actual pants pooping accident in public, it happened one day when I was at a dollar general shopping for some home supplies such as paper towels, specific food items, and etc. While I usually prefer to go in the morning on my days off from my job (I often get days off during the week), this particular day I had no choice but to go in the afternoon when there’s a bit of a rush as everyone is getting off work and kids have already gotten out of school for the day. On this particular day, I ended up having to wait in line along with many other shoppers because the dollar store I went to only had one person working the cash register. While I usually get a little irritated with having to wait in line, I saw a woman in the perspective of my taste who was eye candy to me.

My taste is a little different from the mainstream standards, I actually prefer chubby women, and I really enjoy seeing them wear revealing clothing in public, so when I saw this woman, my eyes were quite entertained. She was a heavyset Hispanic woman who had wide hips and a nice large plump ass, she was wearing some nude colored leggings that were wedged up her ass (Something I love seeing), and a black fitted V neck T-Shirt that was short enough for her full ass to be viewed inside the leggings, The leggings were semitransparent so I was able to tell she has no panties on what so ever, it was arousing as hell to me. I noticed this woman who was just in front of me in a long line was kind of squirming in a manner which implied to me she was uncomfortable, at this time I thought nothing of it as I assumed perhaps she was a little impatient with the long line. Well, at some point, something VERY arousing occurred with this woman.

As we continued to wait in line, this woman continued to squirm and it became more intense every minute. At one point, I noticed she started to squeeze her buttcheeks together. When it dawned upon me what her problem possibly could have been, I was getting a bit aroused but reminded myself with thoughts in my head that stated, “eh, I highly doubt she needs to use the bathroom, it’s likely something else” considering how rare these types of things happen, at least to my knowledge anyway. But not long after that, a loud smell hit my nose while I was looking at some other items nearby me on the shelf to kill time when I looked back forward at this beautiful woman’s ass, a nice soft shit crept out of her ass making a somewhat quiet crackling noise. It forms a small bulge in her leggings as it pushed the fabric from out of her beautiful ass crack and even made a slight brown discoloration on the seat of her nice plump ass. I couldn’t help it, and my cock got so hard that it was easily noticeable as I was wearing a pair of lightweight cotton shorts. The woman, with an embarrassed facial expression she was trying hard to hide looked at me and said I can go ahead and skip her, as she quietly made her way out of the store. I’m not sure if she noticed my erection or not, but if she did, I sure hope she is less embarrassed by her little accident. ALso, I hope to run into this lovely lady again, as I would love to find out if she’s single or not, and perhaps get a chance to date her and eventually express to her how she actually turned me on that day. I don’t know how true it is, but I’ve heard from some people that people can get into panty pooping as a fetish when they know it turns someone on, sparking a chain reaction of them getting turned on by it. I would hope this is true, but I remain skeptical until I find out for myself.

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  1. Enjoyed your story.Once you have pooped your pants you will want to do it again and again as it does feel so good having soft warm poop slowly spreading all over your butt and spreading more as you walk.Sitting on it is heavenly.I too would have loved to see that sight.Next time you need to poop be daring and stay away from a toilet and let it fill your boxers and enjoy the warm mess for a while before you masturbate and get poop all over your cock.The orgasm will be so much stronger than you have ever enjoyed before and you will love it.

  2. When I read the part about her leggings crawling up her butt-crack, I fantasized it was me crawling up there. That of course totally turned me on to the point that I had to interrupt typing this reply so I could “take care of things”. Need I say more?

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