Accidental Exploring

A couple week ago I decided that I would go and explore where I had moved in in South London (moving again next Jan to North London so watch this space) and went dressed for a cold walk around, so jeans, tight boxers, top, coat etc. Off I went for my explore. It was really nice wondering around tbh, the weather was good and I got to take some great pics for Instagram and I was sort of just following the Thames and going where my feet would take me.

Eventually I thought I had wondered far enough and began looking for a route back. It wasn’t until I checked my phone that I had walked miles from home, which would have been fine and I had not begun to feel about 30 mins after I left the house the familiar twinge of needing the loo. I drink a lot of water so am always needing a pee and as I had been doing quite a bit of anal stretching recently the slight urge to poo was a but concerning all the anal abuse had left me rather loose down there.

Anyway, It was going to take me around 45 mins to get back home and so decided to march on and follow my map (sort of) while still taking pics etc. I got about half way when the need to pee become really bad but knew the likelihood that I would wet myself totally by accident was still a wee way off, my need to poo though had come on quite a bit and I was getting rather nervous as, it being London, people were everywhere. I managed to get about 2/3 of the way home with the need for both ends mounting step by step, as I was waiting at the lights I coughed and the cough pushed all the way through me and I felt a little but of poo cough its way out.

I was both surprised and turned on by it and was just hoping my housemates weren’t going to be in as I knew by this point I wasn’t going to make it back in the same state I had left. As I crossed the road I could feel the pressure mounting in my ass and my ruined ass muscles were struggling to keep it all back. So I picked up the pace and tried to wind my way along the side streets so as to reduce the number of people, although there were still quite a few. I could feel the tickle of a cough in the back of my throat and tried to stop it, but failed.

The cough put more pressure on my poor ass and there, walking down the street, shit started to flow out of my ass and fill me boxers. It was somewhere between soft and hard and it just kept on coming and coming as I was walking. I was trying to not let on to the passers by that I was shitting myself big time as I walked past them and the poo just kept on coming. All in all about 5 mins of on/off shitting saw my tight boxers overflowing with warm shit and a noticeable bulge out the back of my jean.

When I reached the estate I lived on me need to pee got too painful and, as I’d already shat my pants then I thought, why not complete the package and so I stopped for a sec, breathed deeply, and let the warm piss flow out and soak my jeans. I started off walking back with the gently warming flow continuing.

When I got back to the house I realised my housemates were in and that one was in the bathroom! So I had to camp out in my bedroom for, thankfully, only 5 mins with my wet and filled jeans and boxers until the coast was clear where the rubbish task of the clean up could begin.

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