accident with a friend

so I’m a huge fan of music and this summer at a concert I had bad diarrhea. I wasn’t feeling well the night before but I was looking forward to it so I just brushed it off. the next day I was feeling somewhat better so I took some pepto and headed out. Keep in mind this is the summer so the heat was not helping my situation at all. about halfway through the day my tummy was feeling bad so I thought going to get some water would help. I didn’t want to lose my place though because I was getting close to the front. I made a friend who agreed to save my place while I went to get water. I found some shade and sat down for a bit trying to relieve these awful stomach pains I was having. after a while I decided to go try to poop. no luck. it seemed that I was constipated and could only get out gas. a few minutes later my friend came to look for me. I had explained the situation to him earlier so he had been worried. since everyone else was enjoying the concert we were the only two in the bathroom. I told him my belly was really hurting and he just comforted me while I kept trying to poop. he didn’t seem weirded out so when he offered to take me home I agreed. on the way home my tummy kept cramping and gurgling. he was constantly asking if I was okay. I ended up falling asleep and woke up with about 30 minutes left. all of a sudden I knew it was urgent. I needed to shit then and there. he pulled over and let me get out. after about 20 minutes of diarrhea he found some paper towels he had in the back and wiped my bottom for me. a few minutes later I needed to go again and he couldn’t pull over so I held it as long as I could. he offered for me to stay with him so he could take care of me and I took him up on his offer. when he pulled into the driveway I jumped out of the car and ran toward the door. it was too late. I had diarrhea all over my jeans. it didn’t stop though, it kept coming for several minutes. he helped me to the bathroom where he ran me bath and got in there with me comforting me and letting me go whenever I needed. it was really nice. when my belly seemed to calm down we got out and he lent me a pair of pants. we cuddled all night and he helped me clean up after my accidents… for once I actually didn’t mind having diarrhea.

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