Accident while I was sick

I’ve been sick for the last week with the flu and diarrhea.

I called out of work and was just laying on the couch feeling terrible. Unfortunately I am currently out of diapers so I was just wearing a pair of whitey-tightys and pajama pants.

I was watching YouTube when I let out a fart. I got more than I bargained for and felt a small amount of poop slide into my undies.

I was kind of annoyed but within seconds a sudden dire urge to poop struck.

I turned on a hypnosis vid and just let loose. A steamy mudslide of poop then erupted into my underwear. I felt the liquid mess fill my whitey tightys and squirt out the leg holes.

In seconds I had gone from minor shart to absolutely soiled. I shifted my hips and felt my squishy mess gush around. It felt like someone had poured warm oatmeal in my pajamas.

The stench was intense, but my dick was rock hard. I began to stroke and within a minute I blasted hot jizz inside my pajamas.

I sat back and squished back and forth for a bit, feeling very naughty and dreading the clean up.

Eventually I crab walked to the bathroom to try and prevent the mess getting all over. When I finally stood I felt a huge globe of sticky poop slide down my legs and into the shower.

I then wet myself and cleaned up. Overall turned out to be a good day, but the cleanup was horrendous

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