Accident Tonight

So I was planning on along a wetting video tonight, but I had to go to dinner at a fancy restraint and it ended up going later than I expected. I considered using the bathroom before we left the restaurant before making the 25 minute drive home with my dad, but really wanted to save me pee. So I made it through the car ride having to clench my muscles over bumps, but without much trouble. I then got out of the car to walk inside and the urge hit me fairly strong. As I walked into my room I had to stop to grab myself. I then waddled over and sat on my bed to watch some videos on here. I soon realized that I would not make it through. Video so I prepared to head to the bathroom for the video. I could barely stand without letting go. As I stepped into the bathroom I was hit by the strongest urge yet and grabbed my self hard. I took the risk of undoing my belt and unbuttoning my skinny jeans. I though I made it but could feel myself starting to leak. With my pants down to my knees I began unbuttoning my sweater with much difficulty. I was crouched over squeezing my muscles as hard as I could. I then threw myself onto the toilet seat lid think hat would help me hold. How wrong I was. Me pee started leaking out slowly and I desperately tried to control it, but to no avail. I quickly stood, opened the lid, and sat on the toilet releasing my pee. I grabbed my phone to video while the pee was at full force and caught a but, but then I was able to gain control and decided to finish in the bath tub on video. So I removed my jeans and stood to unbutton my sweater the rest of the way and strip down to just my panties. I then wiped up the pee from the floor and toilet seat lid. I am now sitting in the bathtub trying not to leak preparing to video the end of my pee. Video to come soon.

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