Accident or ” accident ” on the bus on my way home

So I had a very busy day at work. end all day long I was holding a massive poop because I didn’t have the time to go poop in the toilet end mostly because I really really enjoyed holding up a big poop.
I was planning to go to the toilet when I will fill like I could not hold it any longer. ( I m still living with my parents so I didn’t really plan pooping my pants…)
So after finish work I was planning on going home to poop in my clean toilet at home because I really hate public toilet. I was whitening my bus to come with the arge to poop becomes more and more argent. but traffic was so bad that I started to worry that I would not be able to hold it anymore.
Time fast bye end I started to feel the poop poking in end out but still for some reason I didn’t wanted to go to the public toilet.
After a while the bus arrived. In this time Its was so hard for me to hold my poop on that I knew I would not be able to hold it in my 20 minute drive home ( without traffic…) but I was so ” high ” on the filling of almost pooping myself that I decided to risk it…
I got on the bus and it was full with people so I told myself ” worst case scenario nobody could know for sure that it’s me…”
Traffic was horrible and the bus barely moved.
At some point I started feeling the anxiety and the Undescribable wonderful feeling of poop forcing it way out to my pants.
I was horrified end excited all together.
Its was just like the old times when I was a kid who just ” can’t control himself and pooping itself till 9 great ”
The started to fill my pants end let’s just say that in this point I didn’t even try to stop it.
Not long after the bus started to smell like. Well like poop.
Everybody started to look who did it end some kids on the bus was the first suspect…
After a while some people probably know it was my but i didn’t really care in this point…
I was flying with joy.
My pants full with poop. I smell like poop. I just love it so much.
As a kid I did it whenever I felt like but know I more difficult.

So here I m. in the middle of the bus still 15 minute from my stop white my pants full with worn soft poop end probably everybody right now know it’s my. So I think too myself ” whatever ” pooping myself it’s my greatest fetish so scru u guys.

The only problem was what my parents will say end how I hide my ” accident ” from my parents.
I call my mom and ask her were she is ” out of town with u dad ” she says end I almost jumped with joy ” I guess it’s my luck day!!”
Eventually I found a empty seat so I decided to give it a good squeeze to make it perfect.

Well. Now I m home about to clean myself. It’s a big f mes but believe me. Its worth it!!!!!

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  1. I would have loved to be on that bus with you, and I would have pooped my pants with you!!! Then we could clean each other up!

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