Accident on the way home from Uni

Well… I hadn’t been to the loo all day and had to go up to uni to drop an essay off. I thought I would do it in my pants when I got home as my housemates weren;t going to be in. When i dropped the essay off I felt alot of pressure building, but thought it would be more fun to wait till I got home than go in a uni loo.

So on the way home I could feel it relly pushing out and I was trying very hard to squeeze it back it. I tried to run a bit but that made it even worse so i went for a very slow walk. Then about half way back, I relaxed my ass to make it more exciting. Big “mistake.” A huge amount of poo rushed out of my ass and filled my boxers. It made my jeans bulge out the back. It as amazing, and I peed a little bit too.

I still had to walk home though which was a good 10 mins or so through and estate. I could feel the poo getting all squished up and a bit more kept on coming out every now and then. I walked past lots of people but they didnt seem to notice.

When I got to my front door, I fumbled for my keys and suddenly pee gushed out, i was soaked and the front of my jeans were a dark blue. It was soo cool, huge shit in my boxers and soaking jeans.

I went up and stood in my room, got my dick out and busted a huge load out. Then got cleaned up, and out the stuff in the washing machine.

First story of alot.. I have been doing this since I was 10 so plenty more where this came from 🙂

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  2. Great story, looking forward to hearing the rest, and maybe seeing a few pics/videos from you too.

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