Accident on the School Bus

For most of us, by the time we reach sexual awareness, the toilet has become that we do not have an opportunity to realize what erotic bodily functions can be. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to experience a far from routine saddle that threw me on this fetish. As for me, even the discourse of bodily functions can turn on me.

Once in my second year of high school, I found myself badly constipated. I had not done a number 2 for three days and my stomach was really bad. By the third night, he felt so bad that I did not even want to eat dinner. Instead, my mom made me drink all that orange juice and eat those two very big muffins to the sound. The next morning I sat on the toilet and tried to make me go, but I just could not. Then I had a little more juice and another muffin before leaving for school. I’m on the school bus for maybe five minutes, when all of a sudden all that orange juice and muffins at her decided to work. I mean – instant laxative! Suddenly I had to go really, really bad and without a bathroom on the bus, there was nothing I could do.

Suddenly, a big stick started coming out and I could not stop it. It seemed to me that I could slow down his progression momentarily, but then he would force himself to get out a little more. It felt like the most monster droppings you could ever imagine. With the fight against me, it seemed to take half that long ride to finally come out. Then, in rapid succession, another newspaper was shared my rectum. By then, the first huge newspaper was starting to install in my panties. All folded and bent and twisted around as he came out, he was the truest definition of “a load in his panties.” He had a lot to be sure but the good thing about being constipated was that the movement was relatively hard and stiff and was not about to flee through my panties. It was so hard, in fact, that I’m more worried about it ripping my panties as it went out to escape through them. The other good thing is that I fell wearing a skirt that day. An ample skirt, obviously, be much better than tight jeans when you try to hide a load (and I do not want “load”) into your panties.

Just as the bus was pulling into the school’s parking lot, the second huge diary was completing its journey on. Even as a solid movement, I was just wondering how much volume my panties could hold. Once the bust was parked it was only a short trip to the girls’ room, but there was still the issue of getting there. With a load already in my pants two stron that I wanted to keep from burring as I walked and with yet another stranger starting his way I was trying to keep to, it was quite an adventure. It was hard to believe I still had to go a little more, but I did and I know for sure that my panties could not contain another newspaper like the first of two – I was not even sure my Accident was not already detectable through my skirt. I did not want to go back to the toilet so bad in my life, and with a hurried rush / walk down the hallway of the school, I managed to get there. Finally, I did it safely in the girls’ room downstairs and in a stall where I carefully hung the closed door. Without waiting a second, I’m my panties down and my butt on the toilet seat. Not a moment too soon, either. Hardly my buttocks in position, then a third strang, another of immense proportion, splashed in the toilets below. Relaxing my bowels, I’m a relief that everything is open and the five days worth of stools that have all been clogged up inside me, ran its course into the toilet. I sat back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment as one after the other stron crossed into the toilet. When it was finally done, it felt like I’d lost ten pounds
But as wonderful as that relief was, I opened my eyes to a different reality. Looking down at the knee were my panties and in them was a load that you would not believe. And as I was beginning to understand this terrible situation, I could feel my buttocks were well coated with the dirty brown stuff and my ass crack was well clogged with it as well. I also noticed that the toilet seat was fine from my dirty sitting on it with buttocks messy. My first thought was just to go to the nurse and ask to be sent home to deal with that there. But I have to tell the nurse what happened and then she could tell someone and there was always the risk of my friends discovering it. And even if this does not happen, I really did not want my mother (or anyone else at all) to know about it, either. He was so, so embarrassing. I just wanted to have to clean up in the stall there. Even the one at risk – anyone had to do was look over or under the cabin door and they would see it. With only a small latch of the stall door keeping my privacy and protecting me from total and complete humiliation, I had to start the disgusting cleaning job. It took me two flushes just to get the movement of the bowel into the toilet and a full bathroom of girls right in front of the stall, I was afraid that third flush so early would draw attention to me. All this would take was a girl asks if I’m sick or something and look under the door or a tall girl to look over. Then I would be discovered with the accident and totally humiliated.

Rimming on the toilet, I carefully placed my skirt to cover my fucked panties should someone get to lean on the stall. Then I left to make a bundle of toilet paper. I knew I needed a lot of them, so I sat there rolling the entire roll – ensuring that the bundles were very thick for the heavy work they had to do. The idea was to minimize my exposure, so to speak. Wad the toilet paper now with my brothel hidden under my skirt and that would save me time later when he wiping my shame would be obvious to someone who looked in the cabin. As I rolled on the toilet paper bundles, I piled them on the sanitary evacuation towel for later use. By the time I had finished deploying the entire roll of paper into the stall, the bell started ringing. Although it meant that I was going now to get detention to be late for tenure, it clears everyone in the bathroom giving me more privacy to do what I had to do. Taking my skirt completely, I began the arduous task of cleaning myself. Four wipes and then a flush, 4 wipes, flush, 4 wipes, rinse I entered a rhythm. With the paper bundles already made, the wiping went fairly quickly. And even though there was a large amount of damage all over myself, it was of a harder consistency and therefore not as smeared as it could have.
To make a long story short, I do the job; First unplug the mass of shit stuck in my ass crack and then remove it from my cheeks and finally finish cleaning my crack with the help of a few wet wipes that I had in my bag. I do not know how many times I flush it (in hindsight, I’m glad that this room monitor did not hear and check on me), but I used all the toilet paper bundles and Which roll in the stall allais 3/4. In fact, I had a few left bundles but I had to use them to wipe the toilet seat. Worse, this course, there was still the issue of my badly loaded panties – what shame those were. Initially I wanted to hide carefully the trash can (put under the existing rubbish) but the trash was all the way through the entrance to the maids and I would not risk wearing the panties outside the stall. Neither did I know at the time that most toilets will rinse panties (even underpants) without clogging. Instead, I come from the hidden panties behind the toilet and after a full wash of hands I returned to the class.

Being late in class, I am a one hour detention and not being able to change for gymnastics (I do not want to wear these restricted gymnastics shorts, without underwear) cost me another detention. But other than that, I’m glad that this nightmare was not good, much worse. But just as third period began, there was a buzz spread throughout the school. Someone had noticed the pants behind the toilets and kicked them out to get a better look. She then apparently began to show people and before long, everyone was talking about it and I do not want everyone. The news was all over the school in no time and it seemed that everyone was stopping by this girls room just to get
A look at the dirty panties. The pants were only sitting there at the sight for maybe an hour or two before a guard took them out of there, but it seemed but it seemed that everyone was talking about how disgusting they were. “I do not want to hear about the underwear anymore,” my fifth-year professor shouted when she could not get our attention in the middle of all the chatter in the classroom, “The next person talking, I will have them cleaned! “Nobody really knew if it was serious or not – probably not in what the keeper had already thrown away – but nobody was going to take that risk.
Curiously, I had to feel a real fire raging down in my pussy. It was my pants, my movement of the intestine, and my brothel that everyone was talking about. Of course, he was ashamed and I had just died if someone discovered him, but I was indeed the focus of everyone’s attention. Another teacher talked about how her 6-year-old daughter did in her pants last year and for the trouble she has a whole week without a television. “If it were up to me, that girl would get a month’s detention to do it at her age,” she said, “Or maybe I’d make her wear diapers.” The whole class burst Laughing. “Just because one of you is too lazy to go to the bathroom in time, does not mean we have to disrupt the class,” she added. I wanted to scream in my defense but, Of course, I resisted the urge.What was so bad to go into my pants, anyway? Why in the world should I punished myself for that at all – much less with something like layers or detention of I am the one who has had to suffer to clean, and am I the only one that has ever happened? ‘Others who have had long crunches past the age when his supposed to occur anymore. Anyway, my shame and
Apprehension of being caught notwithstanding, all this speech was really makes me savage.

At noon I could no longer bear it. I spent my meal period locked in the room a girls stall with my fingers going down deep into my crotch, frantically rubbing my anxious clit. He was wonderful and he was wild. I reason orgasm in the girls’ room and I made it again later before I went home. What a savage day and what a marvelous initiation of panties and poo.

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