Accident on a Coach

The bellow from the driver at the front of the coach was like a knife through the heart of footballer Jay Watson – “For the last time, we are NOT stopping this coach again!” 

There were a few groans and couple of obscenities muttered as several of the lads regretted the ‘last pint’ before setting off for home after their match. Almost all of them wanted a piss, some worse than others but the news that they would definitely not be stopping meant that they had little choice but to hold on. Presumably if one of them had hobbled to the front of the coach, stood crossed-legged and begged the driver to stop before it was too late, the miserable old git of a driver might have relented – but none of the lads were going to subject themselves to anything like that sort of humiliation – far better to hang on in agony than act like such a wimp in front of all their team-mates. 

22-year old Jay didn’t realise that so many others were feeling quite as bad as him. Not only had he only joined the club at the start of the current season but most of the other blokes on the coach were a little bit older than he was – he was always being referred to as the ‘baby’ of the football team and he didn’t feel strong enough to demand that they stop. Surely if someone else had to go THAT badly, they’d force the driver to pull over somewhere. He also hadn’t really given much consideration to just how difficult it was going to be for any of the others to have to admit to being the first one not able to wait any longer. 

The journey rumbled on and within 30 minutes, Jay’s bladder was screaming at him. He had to do something. Just sitting and suffering in silence was making it worse. He couldn’t take his mind off his pressing need and he knew that he was approaching the stage where sooner rather than later he’d HAVE to go. He was silently cursing that second pint, it had seemed so refreshing and appropriate at the time but having broken the seal by having a wee just before they left, his need had growing to one of epic proportions in double-quick time. 

The possibility that he might ‘go’ in his trousers on the coach just couldn’t be contemplated – it didn’t happen to adult blokes. Of course he could hold it! But the certainty of that assumption was shrinking bit-by-bit in his mind. 

As panic began to set in as the coach whipped its way along the motorway, the flashing lights indicating a reduction in speed in the distance, accompanied by a horror sign showing that the next service station (and relief!) was still 18 miles away, made Jay’s heart thump like a hammer in his chest. Like a wave of impending disaster, his whole body was suddenly racked with discomfort and for an awful moment he felt that he was going to wet himself there and then. The panicky feeling and the surge both passed as quickly as they had arrived and now Jay knew that he had to say something. Another 18 miles – and a possible delay – was simply not an option. 

He turned to Dave who was sitting next to him and contentedly reading a magazine, 
“I’m really dying for a piss, Dave” 
Dave looked unconcerned and didn’t avert his eyes from the pages of the magazine, “Didn’t you go before we got on?” Jay felt his face flush as he had to explain his weakness, “Well, yes…erm…I did, but, well, I need to go again, really badly” In despair, he added, “I’m not sure that I can hold on much longer!” 

Dave was even more dismissive, “Well you’ll have to. No-one else seems that desperate and he won’t stop just for you.” 

There was a lull in the brief discussion that seemed to last for minutes rather than seconds. Jay knew that if he kept silent, the moment would pass and it would be even harder to raise the topic again, as he would surely need to. 

His semi-quivering voice almost saw him switch into whimpering-five-year-old mode, “Dave, I’m bursting, I just can’t wait!” 

Dave looked up for the first time, grinned and immediately went back to reading his magazine, grumbling “Stop bloody moaning!” 

He must have realised though, thought Jay, just how badly he had to piss and yet he didn’t seem to give a toss! However, the tone of their conversation must have attracted the attention of some of the others because from across the aisle, Tim asked, “Does someone need a stop?” 

“Nah, he’s alright,” Dave replied without looking up. Jay couldn’t believe his ears and yet incredibly he allowed the moment to pass. He was close to clamping his legs together and knew that he was fighting a losing battle in asking for a stop. Even worse, his own resistance was weakening a bit and he was seriously starting to tell himself it would be a miracle if he made it now! 

Seven or eight minutes passed and Jay was beside himself with panic. Frantically and fidgiting on his seat, he nudged Dave’s arm, “I can’t wait Dave.” 

He just HAD to make his predicament more apparent and his pleas more convincing. 

Jay cringed as he uttered the words but he honestly had no other option. “Dave, I’m going to piss myself in a minute.” 

As well as being a pretty truthful statement, Jay hoped that this would make Dave understand just what state he was really in. His response was a bit more helpful than before. He looked across with a concerned stare and said, “Well go and tell the driver, quickly, before you do it!” 

Having revealed his condition in such stark and blatant fashion, there was almost little else Jay could do to further embarrass himself and, out of necessity as much as for an obvious display of reinforcement, he gripped himself tightly through the material of his grey tracksuit bottoms and jigged his legs both up and down and sideways. 

Dave was now watching with astonishment, 
“Go on then, go and ask the driver. You look like you’re about to wet yourself!” 
The loudness of Dave’s observation echoed round the immediate vicinity and it was Tim who reacted again. 
“Who’s wetting himself?” 
“Jay-mondo here,” replied Dave, “says he can’t last ‘till the services. Reckons he’s about to do it in his pants!” 
“Blimey! He looks like he’s done it already!” came a comment from the lad in the seat next to Tim. 

Jay’s heart was thumping and his bladder muscles were starting to spasm, “I’m going to have an accident any second, it’s almost coming!” 
Dave sat upright, “Go and ask now! He’ll have to stop, otherwise you’re going to do it on his floor!” 
“Yeah, via your knickers!” mocked Tim. 

Jay stood up, agonisingly, and shuffled past Dave, by now attracting the attention of pretty much everyone else, and he minced and squirmed his way towards the front so that he could approach the driver. Before he could reach him, the team captain, Barry, who was one of the oldest players at 33, grabbed his arm and stopped him in his tracks, “What’s the matter with you?” 

Jay was watery-eyed, “Please ask him to stop, I’m nearly pissing myself.” Barry was not best pleased, “You’re a real bloody nuisance, we all want to go for a wee, making a fuss just upsets the old git even more. Can’t you wait?” 

Jay was almost walking on the spot – “No, I can’t. Please, I’m going to wet myself, I’m almost doing it in my trousers!” 

Barry’s mate from the next seat groaned out loud, “Oh for Goodness Sake! How old are you – four?” 

Barry stood up and eased Jay back towards his seat, “Go and sit down and I’ll have a word with the driver – again.” 

Jay hobbled, stiff-legged, back to his seat and as he tried to sit down, he whispered to Dave, “I just can’t wait no longer. What can I do?” 
“Try and hold it, they’re going to try and stop for you.” he replied. 

Several of the other lads were looking in his direction as Barry yelled back from the front, “About 10 minutes to the next services, we’re going to stop for a couple of minutes.” There were several cheers and whoops of delighted relief but 10 minutes was beyond Jay’s endurance. Without addressing his remark to anyone in particular, he said, “It’s too late, I can’t help myself, I’m going to wet my pants, I’ve started to do it!” 

Dave turned towards him, now looking extremely agitated, “Don’t wet yourself – you can’t do that, everyone’ll see you!” but Jay just responded with “Oh No! Please! No, not here!” He was gripping himself tightly, his thighs were trembling and he was almost bouncing up and down on the seat. He was tapping his feet on the floor and knocking his knees together, opening his legs wide and then clamping them back together. To add to his impending humiliation, Dave shouted out, “Hurry up and stop, we’ve going to have a pair of wet pants back here!” and he turned to Jay and told him, “Nearly there mate, you’ve almost made it!” 

Less than 60 seconds later Jay was a whimpering wreck and he whispered “I can’t control myself, I’m doing it in my pants!” 

Dave was staring at him and even Tim was now looking horrified as others began to realise what was about to happen, if it hadn’t happened already and Jay’s anguished cry of “Aaarrggh” simply gave the game away. 

Half the nearby occupants of the coach were on their feet and as Jay felt a terrible scorching spurt into his underpants and all around his balls, the others watched as piss burst through the front of his grey tracksuit bottoms and suddenly spread out like a lake on the seat between his legs. Within seconds it was spreading across the tops of his trackies, darkening the light grey material as the tops of his legs began to glisten. The hot urine was running from the seat, splattering onto the coach floor and the wet stain was spreading down his legs as his bottoms changed colour. The backs of his legs were also getting soaked and piss was running out of the bottom of his trouser-legs, through his white socks and into his trainers. His track-suit bottoms were steaming hotly and he was pissing so powerfully that a torrent of pee was jetting through his crotch and arching back into his lap, forming a puddle which rapidly seeped back through the material and into his pants. On the floor, the steaming puddle was quickly cooling and piss was trickling away in all directions. 

All around Jay, there was muttering and seemingly some degree of panic as everyone saw that he had wet himself and some of the lads were lifting their feet and picking up bags to try and avoid the piss which was snaking all down the aisle and under the seats. Jay seemed oblivious for a few seconds about what had happened all around him and the driver, who had realised that something was going on, was quickly informed with a cry of, “Pull over soon mate, he’s pissed himself back here!” 

There was a crescendo of noise throughout the coach as the details of what had happened filtered through to everyone and suddenly, Barry was standing over poor, humiliated and defeated Jay. “I can’t believe this. I told you we’d stop in a few minutes, I just can’t believe you’ve pissed your pants. Can’t you control yourself?” 

Jay was almost crimson with embarrassment, “I told you I was desperate, you knew I had to go.” he whined to either Barry or Dave. 

The gentle banter continued until the coach pulled in at the services and the next stage of Jay’s humiliation began as he had to get off and head for the public toilets. Most of the blokes were anxiously jostling to hurry to the gents as Jay trundled behind them, his soaking trousers and pants clinging coldly to his wet legs. 

Less than three hours before, he’d matched his colleagues for their endeavours on the football field, been a hero when he’d scored goal number three and been chaired high by his team-mates. Now he wanted to curl up when he realised what he was in their eyes now – a 22-year old year old ‘kid’ who couldn’t control himself and had peed in his pants and trousers in front of everybody. 

By the time the coach arrived back at their home ground, the banter had turned to great amusement and mickey-taking and even Jay had to join in, giving as good as he got. It had happened, he’d wet himself. His team-mates would never forget so it was a case of dealing with it in the way that his mates were – intense mickey-taking, banter and scoring points. 

Facing his girlfriend when he got back home might initially be a bit more tricky, though!

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  1. Although it doesn’t always end in a wetting (though it does sometimes) this is a story every bloke can relate to, as we’ve all been there, some of us quite a few times:-)

  2. great story. i work on public transport and see this happen some hold it to they get off and others do end up pissing themselves….

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