Accident in traffic

I work the night shift. I was on my way in the other day when I got stuck in traffic. Grrrreat. The drive in usually takes a good 45 min at least on a good day but today was worse than usual. Suddenly I felt a low gurgling sensation in my stomach. It’s that feeling you get when you gotta poop and it’s not gonna be pretty? Being on the highway in a deadlock, I was at least 15 min from a bathroom . I tried to hold it in but it quickly became clear that there was no hope. It was coming no matter what. I let out a fart to try to relieve some pressure but I ended up sh a good puddle of sticky warm poop. It soaked the bottom of my pants right away leaving a mushy gooey warm spot. The smell was god awful too, I rolled down the window to let out the stank a bit. I thought over my options because I knew much more was coming.. Before I knew it I shorted again leaving another round of soggy poop. Traffic finally let up a bit and we started moving. I weighed over my options and since I didn’t have a change of clothes I decided to call in. I made the call and turned to go home. As I drove I relaxed a bit and smooshed the poopy around in my pants. Minutes later I was hit with another round and prepared myself. I leaned in my seat and pushed as a hot stinking flow of poop completely soiled my pants. The poop flowed out and seemed never ending. It rand down my legs and all over the seat of my car. I was so fucking turned on by this point. I mushed and mashed my hot stinky soggy mess in my pants all the way home. Once I got home I went inside and pooped a bit more then jerked off. Best day ever

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  1. Don’t you just love when the day starts out great !!! And you didn’t have to go to work !! And you got to cum !!! Man you’re batting 3 for 3 !!! Great day, and of course great mess . Love the story, wish everyone was as carefree !!!

  2. I did it going to my friend’s farm when I was 14 when we had to stop for a car accident to clear. While we stood on the side of the road waiting with the other people I wondered if anyone needed to go to the toilets or if anyone was going to or had pooed in their underwear. After The temptation to do it got stronger and stronger and I had the perfect excuse if I got found out. To make it more legitimate I pretended I needed to go then began to push the nice firm load in my underwear.

    Having the perfect excuse made me feel amazing and I could feel the huge firm load pushing against the back of my pants. A discreet check not only confirmed, it was even better then I hoped for. Two of the really firm logs had made their own very distinct impression on my pants and the third had been pushed to one side and was forcing my underwear to almost shown out one side of my pants. Pulling up my pants and a quick adjustment made it even better with the third log forcing my underwear to show.

    Knowing it was only a matter of time before someone noticed felt amazing and it wasn’t long before my friends younger bother did. He must had a perfect perspective from his low position and he spent quite a while looking from different positions before announcing it to their mom loud enough for other people to hear including my friends.

  3. My girlfriend Sally and I work together and often have to hold in a poop at work so we can enjoy filling our panties as we drive home.Once we get into my car we can relax and let it come out and enjoy the feeling as it spreads over our bums as we ease up off our seats.It feels so good as we sit back down again and feel it slipping over our pussy lips.As I drive along in the traffic we smile at the other drivers who have no idea we are sitting in a mount of soft warm poop and moving our bums to spread it more as we often orgasm just from the sensuous feelings we get without using fingers,just letting the soft poop move over our pussies can make us squirt in our pants.We love to pee into it too and make it spread more.

  4. Every time I see a traffic backup from an accident on our freeways in the area I always wonder how many panties end up wet or poopy during the long waits. How many of the lovely ladies I see in their cars are sweating it out having not used the toilet before they left for work or left work for home figuring they’d go at home? Always gets my active male imagination into overdrive thinking of marvelous situations that might be going on in the next car!

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