Accident in the clothing store

I was going out to the mall to get me some new jean shorts (after I ripped all of them during my farting shenanigans). When I made it the clothing store and got all of the jean shorts I wanted, I instantly got the urge to fart. When I remember I ate those sugar-free gummies I was worried the fart was going to be a shart. I ran into the changing room hoping no one can possibly witness my shart, I fart until it instantly turned into a wet shart. Hot flowing diarrhea slowly came out like a volcano, I instantly got turned on and started feeling the backside of my jeans. I slightly smeared the shit on my ass loving the feeling every second, after I was done I walked to the counter and bought my jean shorts. After that I walked to my car and sat down all over my hot steamy diarrhea and drived home to clean up myself.

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