Accident During Holidays

This summer, I was with my girlfriend in a small sea town where there are some relatives of her and also some friends of her. 
One night we went with some of her friends to a discotheque which was in a nearby town (20 minutes driving). 

As I’m not really into dancing I drank quite a bit to pass the time, my gf was driving so it wasn’t a problem. 
After a while my bladder started sending signals; not urgent but I was filling up. 
I went to the toilets but the line was huge and as I was not desperate yet I tought I could go later. 

So I went back where the others were and after a while I was about to go back to the toilets but my gf told me we were going, as we had to bring back home 2 friends of her, one of which was quite drunk and was not feeling well. 
I told her I was going to the toilet frist (I was starting to get desperate now) but the line was still huge and as my gf was in a hurry I tought I could wait for 20 minutes. 

When we got in the car however, I discovered that while one of the twofriends of my gf lived in the same town as us, the other one was in another town… so the car trip would have been 30 minutes longer!! 

Now, I must say I really don’t like to admit I’m desperate with people I don’t know, and I didn’t know these 2 girls at all. So there was no way I was asking my friends to stop the car to pee. 

So we were driving to the town of the first girl (the drunk one) and she was in the passenger seat while me and the other girl were in the backseat. 
I was trying to minimize my squirming but I was getting more and more desperate. After a while we arrived at the first girl’s house so she got off and the other went to the passenger seat. 
Immediately I started to use my hand to hold it and the need got a little more bearable. 

However when we arrived at the girl’s house I was really about to wet myself. 
She got off and somehow I stood up and went to the passenger seat without my bladder exploding. 
As soon as I sat near my girlfriend I told her I was about to burst and to stop in a place I could pee (we were in town now and in that place there was no cover at all to go pee). 
“Can’t you wait until home?” she asked me. At that point I had both hand in my crotch and I told her I was really about to pee myself. 
She started to drive toward home saying she would stop if she could find some place to pee. 
We had barely started to go when I felt a spurt of pee wet my underwear. I regained control but not before another longer spurt escaped. 
I panicked and told her to stop there. She said there was no cover but I told her I didn’t care as I was starting to pee. 
She was stopping the car and i took my hand away from my crotch to undo my seatbelt. that was an error as immediately a spurt of about one second escaped and a wet spot appeared on my jeans. 
She stopped the car. I opened the door, but standing up was too much. As soon as I did it i lost control completely and before I could unzip my jeans I had soaked the crotch of my jeans and a bit of my leg… 

At least I saved the car seat and my gf was nice about it… It’s not the first time she saw me pee myself, damned small bladder

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  1. Thanks for sharing this experience. Most of us can probably relate to the difficulties with the queue for the toilet at the disco and not being able to keep everyone waiting, then the awkwardness about not feeling able to speak up with strangers in the car, and finally the impossibility of getting out of the car without letting it all go once the situation had got that critical. And you describe it all beautifully.

  2. She was nice about it.
    It’s not the first time she saw me wet and she knows I have a small bladder.
    She saw me desperate often and she finds it funny… I still hope she likes it and dosen’t want to say, but I don’t know how I can discover it 😀

  3. That story was really hot, and almost eerie to read because the same thing happened to me last night! I have a small bladder too, so I feel your pain.

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