accident by the car

It was a work day a Friday if I remember right. I hadn’t felt good all day. Stomach was off. I was wearing a skirt just like in the photo along with full cut nylon panties and white hose. it was real close to five and I was hesitant on using the toilet at work so I held off, big mistake. As I was walking out I felt a really bad cramp. had to stop walking
it was so bad. I was at my car when my friend Michelle called out to me she was parked 3 cars away. I told her I was in a hurry, but she started to talk. I told her again as I felt myself starting to loose it. I felt liquid shit coming out slowly as she was talking. she must have known something was up because I could feel how red my face was. as she completed her story I took a step toward the door of my car and lost control completely I felt a log come out then another I stood there pooping my skirt. I was so embarrassed. age 43 making a dump in my pants. now the issue was driving home. I wasn’t going to empty my panties by my car, and I had to get in and drive. I opened the door and held my breath and slowly sat in the pile. I felt it contour to my ass. I sat there humiliated and the whole car stunk. the pile flattened out and as I drove home it settled in and I was sure it was staining my skirt. when I got home I got out and as I stood I felt the poop that was stuck to me kind of fall into my panties. I reached back and sure enough the seat of my skirt was wet. the pooper bled through. As I walked in I felt another cramp and pushed and another kind of pasty mess came out. Now my skirt was completely loaded. I felt back there again and for some unknown reason I was getting horny. I discarded my panties and hose and put the stinky skirt in the wash. I showered and when I was done I laid down and masturbated about loading my skirt. I was thinking of how Michelle would have called me names like miss pooper pants or miss dump skirt and I had an orgasm quickly. I wanted to create feeling again but wasn’t sure when or where but I knew I would do it again for sure!

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  1. OMG, that is the hottest story I’ve seen yet on this site. you have no idea how hot and horny I became reading that story. I masturbated like crazy myself. Thank you very much for that.I’m kind of new to this but one of these days I’ll tell a story myself

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