Accident at work

Last year I had a genuine accident at work. Now my aim is to get a prolapsed incontinent hole (if you want to help, msg me) and so having accidents are all part of wrecking your ass I guess. I haven’t had very many of them sadly but this was certainly a memorable one.

I had been fisted the night before, a lot, but felt fine the following morning so went off to work as usual. I was working away throughout the day and sort of felt like a needed to go to the loo but nothing too urgent and was super busy anyway, so I ploughed on with the emails and meetings etc.

After lunch I really felt like I needed a wee but held it for a bit so that I could finish the thing that I was on. I then felt that I also very much needed to go for poo too. Since getting in to fisting and wrecking my ass I’ve noticed that I just can’t hold things as long as I used to and so, taking this as a sign, I got up and walked up the stairs to the nearest loos….. but both cubicles were full.!

I work in a Uni, and it was pretty busy out in the corridors, so I thought I would head to a bunch of loos a little further away but that had lots more cubicles in them which I knew would be free. So I set off back the way I came, however, this time I was going down the stairs. Each time I took a step down I could feel the poo creep a little further out. I was trying to squeeze it back but it didn’t make any difference. I finished the first flight of stairs with it feeling like it was coming but that it was still safe in my ass… for now.

I picked up the pace and walked pretty fast along the long corridor, I mean, I’m all for having accidents and going to the loo in my pants (just read my other true stories) but this was at work!! The loos I was heading towards were in the basement down two flights of stairs. Knowing what I know now, I shouldn’t have walked down them as quickly as I did.

When I went down the stairs I was going fairly quickly, and as such, bouncing up and down a lot. It would seem that this was too much for my loose hole to contend with. I wasn’t even half way when I felt the shit coming out, unstoppable, into my pants. I hurried faster to get to the loos but I could feel it all falling out and filling my pants! By the time I was at the bottom of the stairs I had a very full set of boxers on and a noticeable back (and front) bulge. Although I was super embarrassed, I was, of course, super turned on at the same time,

I then walked in to the bathroom, unfortunately someone else was in there and walked passed me. IDK if he noticed my uncomfortable walk but he didn’t say anything. I got in the cubicle, undid my jeans and carefully pulled them down with my full pants Then I had to step out, shove all the shit in to the toilet, clean up as best I could and then find a way to dispose of the pants. Thankfully there was a bin in the loo so I shoved them in there. I then had to go back to the office, commando and deffo not squeaky clean. Luckily no one seemed to notice the slight patch and whiff at the back of the jeans.

A genuine accident at work, which I got away with scott free and who I haven’t told anyone about until now 🙂

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