Accident at the Office

by ipmypantz

Gerry showered for work. It was nearing eight o’clock and he had to get to the office. He got dressed in his gray flat front skinny cut slacks, a light blue fitted button down dress shirt and color match tie, black Doc Martins and black CK belt. He adjusted his wet, shaggy, gelled up dirty blonde hair with his fingertips. He had rushed his normal routine and skipped going to the bathroom for fear he’d be late. He thought his boss, Mr. Peterson, would maybe dock his pay or write him up. When he got to the office after the car ride in and the Starbucks coffee, he wished he had taken the time to take care of things.

After about an hour at work, he was starting to feel his belly growl, and he felt a little pressure in his bowels, but it went away. After thirty minutes it hit him again, so he thought after this phone call had ended it would be a good idea to go to the restroom, but his phone kept ringing. He also noticed there were papers that needed to be filed, so when he hung up with the last call he got up from his seat to go to the filing cabinet and he felt it; it was out and it was in his pants. He got a little nervous about his new situation and looked around to make his way to the restroom. He opened his drawer, pulled out a small leather toiletry bag and started off, but he thought would get in trouble with his boss if he didn’t let him know he was leaving his desk.

Sticking his head into the darkly paneled, windowless office, Gerry said, “excuse me Sir, may I take an early break? I seem to have had an accident in my pants, and I need to use the restroom to change my underwear,” the bag he had grabbed out of his desk containing an extra pairs of CK tighty-whities in it. “These things just kind of sneak up on me.” Mr. Peterson, standing up from his overstuffed brown office chair said, “what, what did you do, exactly? Come in and shut the door Gerry.” “I’m sorry Mr. Peterson, I know you are busy. I tend to, um, go in my pants on occasion when I don’t pay attention to my body. It’s very hard to tell when I have to go. It’s been a problem since I was young”

Mr. Peterson smirked slightly, enjoying the young man’s flushed and embarrassed state. “You pooped your pants at work, is that what your trying to tell me? How old are you Gerry?” he said sarcastically. These things can’t happen in this office; you know that, right? Come over here and let me take a look. This kind of thing used to happen with my 6-year-old boy. Last year he finally stopped and now I have to deal with you? Again, how old are you?” Mr. Peterson grabbed Gerry by the shoulder, turned him around leaning him over the left side of the large desk slightly until he could see the bulge in the seat of Gerry’s pants start to emerge, snickering again.
Gerry said, “I am twenty-three Mr. Peterson. I’m a little embarrassed; can I use the restroom to change now? I need to get back to my desk. I asked Sherry to cover my phone so I don’t want you to think I’m abandoning my desk, Sir.”

As Mr. Peterson leaned Gerry over his desk he started to tap the load in his pants lightly and then a bit harder, a few times more. Gerry said with a surprised tone, “MR. PETERSON, PLEASE! I don’t think you should be doing that; let me go!“ Mr. Peterson told Gerry to shut up as his hand moved from Gerry’s shoulder to the base of his skull, tightening his grip so Gerry couldn’t squirm as easily. “This is the way I dealt with my son when he said he didn’t have to go to the bathroom and ended up with a load in his pants anyway. I think he was mocking me and shit his pants on purpose just to piss me off.”

Mr. Peterson, with his left hand on Gerry’s shit-bulge and his right thumb and index finger gripping Gerry’s neck, suddenly pushed him down to the desk with Gerry’s right cheek and nose in a pile of papers. Gerry began to grit his teeth and breathe in short, panicked breaths. He stopped struggling as Mr. Peterson grabbed his pant-load and crushed it into his ass. Gerry was afraid of Mr. Peterson due to his power in the company; he was afraid of losing his job, so he submitted to whatever Mr. Peterson was doing or planning to do. Gerry began to feel tears of helplessness form in his eyes; he was truly embarrassed whenever he accidentally pooped his pants.

When Gerry stopped struggling he was able to notice the sensation of his warm poop now being crushed and rubbed into his ass. He also noticed his boner growing quickly in his pants pressing on the edge of the desk. Gerry, shocked by what the whole situation was doing to his body, had never felt his poop being caressed into his butt before. He began to get confused and went limp. Mr. Peterson took that as a sign of submission and loosened his grip on Gerry’s neck, palming his right hand over his shoulder to the middle of Gerry’s back, trying to keep some control over the young man. Mr. Peterson noticed that Gerry’s hips were moving up and down slightly and recognized that Gerry was rubbing his hard cock against the desktop. Mr. Peterson was sure of this when Gerry moved both of his arms up across the desk with opened hands and his body remained limp. He had now taken control.

Gerry started to moan a few times, but he didn’t think it was audible until Mr. Peterson said, “Yeah, you like that Gerry, don’t you? “Gerry tensed up a little because he didn’t think his emotions had translated in the way they did. He realized that he couldn’t hide his confused pleasure any longer. Gerry thought surely his son hadn’t submitted like he found himself doing. He knew Mr. Peterson had every intention of taking advantage of what he had experienced with his son not too long ago; he liked taking control of a young man that had pooped in his pants, and that was exactly what he was going to do.

Mr. Peterson continued to grind and rub Gerry’s shit-load into his ass with his large hand. Since the young man’s surrender, he was able to do it more gently and began to rub his own hard cock through his slacks which were binding because of the engorgement of his ample member. Mr. Peterson began to pull Gerry’s trousers up by the waistband to form a wedgie on lithe youngster’s round, firm ass, splitting his backside in two. He recognized Gerry’s crack as the perfect place to plant his cock. He shifted his weight squarely behind Gerry, widened his stance and pressed his binding silk trousers against Gerry’s poly-cotton blend rump, giving out a sigh of pleasure as he began to hump Gerry’s small but ample rear end. As Gerry moved his feet apart and straightened his legs and back to raise his butt into the air, giving his boss better access to the object of his obvious affection, Gerry’s cock engorged once again. The throbbing sensation that he now was experiencing felt intense and brought him closer to orgasm, as he was no longer being pressed down against the desktop.

While Mr. Peterson continued to rub and pump his hard cock into Gerry’s ass, he began to moan a little more, getting louder with each thrust. Gerry knew that his boss was close to reaching the finish; upon that realization Gerry started involuntarily peeing his pants, to his own amazement and started to reach orgasm himself as he moaned with a higher pitch and shorter breaths than his employer behind him. With Gerry’s piss gathering on Mr. Peterson’s desk, he started to whimper with ever increasing frequency. Mr. Peterson couldn’t hold on any longer, doubling over onto Gerry’s back and shooting his load of cum into his tight blue silk boxer briefs. With each pulse he put more and more of his weight on Gerry’s small frame, and they both went down onto the desk into Gerry’s yellow puddle, which caused Gerry to lose it and cum, crushed against the desktop writhing in a pool of his own piss. He gave out a strained breath through gritted teeth, caused by his own ecstasy and the weight of the body on top of him.

When both of their cocks stopped pulsating, they lay there on top of the desk trying to recover and catching their breath until a knock came through the door. It was Mr. Peterson’s secretary who became concerned with the increasing noise coming from the office. Mr. Peterson yelled, “yes, Carol, you can go to lunch now, THANK YOU.“ Carol asked, “is everything all right,” to which Mr. Peterson replied, “Thank you, Carol; THAT WILL BE ALL!”

Mr. Peterson returned to his six-foot stance and ran his fingers through his full head of brown hair, trying to return to his normal composure, as was Gerry. He started to push himself up off the desk, even more embarrassed over his entire stay in Mr. Peterson’s office . As he turned around to face his boss, tears welled in his eyes again. They gazed at each other, Mr. Peterson feeling a little awkward as he noticed the condition of Gerry’s eyes. He retracted his steps away from Garry slowly to get a sense of what to expect from his obvious emotion. Tears continued to stream down Gerry’s face as Mr. Peterson embraced the young man. Gerry’s arms quickly wrapped around his boss’s 34″ waist in a tight, fearful, minute-long hug, until Gerry composed himself. “I am so embarrassed Mr. Peterson; I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

The tall man took Gerry’s face into his hands and he began to slowly kiss away the tears on his cheeks, so as not to shock him any further. Mr. Peterson realized that he had taken advantage of Gerry in a fit of momentary, but familiar lust. He said, “no, Gerry, I’m sorry; that was selfish of me.” The apology did wonders for Gerry’s respect for his boss, and he was glad he was able to keep his job, despite the fact that he had made a mess all over the desk, not to mention the mess in his pants, which was greatly compounded by their moments of passion.
Mr. Peterson said “There are showers in the executive lounge. I can help you clean up, if you will let me. It’s in a separate room from the restrooms so the chances that we will be interrupted are slight.” Gerry smiled again and put his head down and his hand on his boss’s waist. Mr. Peterson put his hand on top of Gerry’s, and with the other he took his chin once again, putting his lips to the young man’s face, kissing his tears away in a more open mouth fashion. They looked into each others eyes and Gerry kissed Mr. Peterson’s lips in affirmation and smiled. Mr. Peterson smiled back and took the young man by the shoulder and hand and started to lead him towards the executive lounge.
Gerry saw the horrible mess on the desk and gasped. “Mr. Peterson, I’m so sorry I peed on your stack of papers,” with a look of genuine concern. The boss said, “first of all, my name is Andrew, and the papers can be duplicated; it’s all right.” That relieved his mind a little as they continued to the lounge.

Andrew went first to see if any of the other executives were using the lounge; it was empty. They proceeded to elegantly-tiled showers, the finishes obviously expensive, like nothing Gerry had ever seen. Each was an individual shower but it was huge, about 9’x9′, with an incorporated bench and heavy chrome fixtures that oozed money. Gerry could see the extent of the wealth and class flowing through his new job of only three months.

Andrew asked, “what size pants do you wear? We have a stash of extra suits available to the executives in case they spill their coffee on themselves or get sweaty before an important meeting. I will get you something else to wear; just get undressed and we will clean you up.“ Gerry answered, “they’re 29″x30,” to which his boss replied, “oh, we don’t have anything that small“.

Andrew thought for a minute. “I have an idea. I will take you to my home where we can wash your cloths and take the rest of the day off. I realize now this has been a traumatic experience for you, so we will get you showered, take you out of here, and I will cook you lunch; how does that sound?“ “That would be nice; you’re a decent man, Mr. Peterson, uh, Andrew. I don’t know why I was afraid of you,“ Gerry said. ”Afraid; why would you be afraid of me?“ Gerry said, “You’re a powerful man and I guess I don’t understand a lot of things yet, but I was afraid.“
Andrew laughed and said, “you’re a sweet young man and I like you. Hey, I have some sweats in my office that will cover you until we can get to my place. I’ll call for the car after you get cleaned up. I’ll be back in five minute.s“ After Mr. Peterson left, Gerry realized he had never felt so cared for even though his boss had effectively raped him, but he didn‘t mind. He’d found a new trust and respect he thought he would never have as he showered and smiled in recollection of his entire experience .

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  1. Wow ! Absolutely fantastic story , beautifully told – makes me want to give up the gardening and decorating, and go to work forMr. Peterson !
    Love all that grinding and pumping of Gerrys shitty ass, this is sooooo HOT !!!

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