Rick and Jack were walking home from the mall, an hour or so long walk. Jack had to piss and crap when he left, and about half way home it was near unbearable. They were walking in mostly barren land, rolling hills and nice grass. Jack moaned.

“I need to go  to the bathroom!” He yelled, as if it would ease his discomfort. Jack was wearing athletic shorts and a tee shirt, rick wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. Rick. Rick chuckled at Jack.

“Little boy need to go potty?” He asked mockingly.

“Shut up!” Jack yelled. Rick smirked. Rick was a buff guy, well toned, nice tan, even nicer bulge in his crotch. Jack wasn’t nearly as buff, but he was cute. He had one of those cute boy-next-door kinda faces. They continued walking, Jack feeling his bladder filled like a balloon about to pop, and his ass filled with a massive amount of crap. The walked, but suddenly Jack stopped and held his crotch. He used all his power to keep his bladder from bursting, but suddenly he felt a small spurt come out. Rick saw this and smiled. Jack removed his hands. The base of his crotch was damp, making his cock wet in his underwear.

“If you have an accident their will be punishment.” Rick warned. Jack looked at him, confused.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“You’ll see.” Rick said, chuckling. The walked more, until Jack groaned.

“I can’t hold it!!!” He yelled. Rick smiled.

“Well then.” He said, smacking Jack hard on the ass. This surprised Jack enough to make his bladder open and begin soaking his pants. His dick pissed like a fire-hose as his pee soaked his shorts and ran down his well toned thighs, hips, and legs. He stood their in shock as he pissed himself like a child. Rick smiled again.

“Looks like you are a little boy,” Rick cupped his hand over Jack’s crotch and felt the piss pulse out of his dick. “who’s gonna be punished for his accident.” Rick said, pulling down Jack’s soaked shorts, exposing his white briefs, which now were soaked as well, tinted yellow. The last bit of pee flowed out of his penis. Rick smiled and reached his hand around to Jack’s ass, gently slipping his hand into one of the leg holes. He reaches his hand up until he was touching Jack’s ass crack. He took his finger and slipped into into Jack’s ass. He felt a large amount of solid and soft shit. Jack shuttered as Rick slowly removed his finger. Jack let out a gasp as he felt the large load begin pushing it’s way though Jack’s tight ass like a freight train. He grunted as he shit himself, the back of his briefs poking out, and then becoming a large lump as the mess folded in his underwear. Popping farts were heard as the he filed his briefs with softer shit, staining the back brown. Jack looked at Rick, lost for words. Rick walked behind Jack and pulled his briefs down a little.

“Baby really filled his pants.” He whispered into Jack ear. Jack didn’t say a word. Rick smacked Jack on the ass again. “Didn’t he?” Rick asked. Jack nodded.

“Yes, I did.” Jack said, blushing bright red. Rick smiled.

“Time for punishment.” He said, using his hands to spread Jack’s ass cheeks, revealing his messy ass hole. Rick pulled his jeans down, revealing tight, white briefs. He pulled them down as well, revealing Rick’s 9 inch, erect cock.

“No!” Jack yelled, He was straight. Rick chuckled and slid his cock into Jack’s ass. Jack gasped quickly as he felt that. Rick began humping Jack’s ass hard, getting shit on his cock. Jack shuddered as he felt Rick’s cock being forced in and out of his ass. Rick moaned as he felt himself climax, spurting load after load of sticky cum into Jack’s ass. Jack shuddered as he felt this. Rick slowly slid his dick out and pulled up his briefs and pants. He then pulled up Jack’s still shitty briefs and pissy shorts. They began walking again. Rick put his arm around Jack and smiled at him. Jack smiled back. This was the start of a wonderful relationship.

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  1. This is wonderful! It’s like all the things I like in one story: desperation, wetting, messing, gay sex. Oh my goodness. I wouldn’t normally say it, but I came so hard you don’t even know. Please write more like this! 😀

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