About to burst…

Just after Noon, I was about to stand up from my desk (I work from home) and head to the bathroom to take a piss when I got a text from my hubby letting me know that his Astronomy class was meeting tonight (after dinner) for a 3 hour lab session.  I decided I would try holding it as long as I could.  Since then I’ve easily drank 1.5 L of water and I’m about bursting at the seams.  I’ve got another 20 minutes on the job and then have to fix us both dinner before he heads out.  I’m debating what to wear… I’m thinking white boxer briefs, white t-shirt, long john tops and bottoms, a pair of faded blue jeans and my faded black lowtop chucks.  Only question:  can I last through dinner, changing and setting up a camera to catch the inevitable flood on video… anyone want to watch on cam at about 8 PM ET?

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  1. Won’t be able to catch the cam show but I hope you’ll post the video soon ! I’ll be looking for it. 😉

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