AB on the DL. :(

Every few weeks I get this massive craving to be in a diaper. Not just for the purpose of being IN one, I want the full experience. 

I want to find myself a hot daddy, about 30, not that much older than I am, who can devote as much time to me as I can to him. He can buy me some nice pull-ups to wear and maybe a pacifier and a onesie. I’ll be his baby. He better keep a lot of diapers on hand because I pee and poop several times in a day. I can’t get enough. 
After I get all snug in my gear I would want him to feed me as much as he wanted of whatever he wanted in order to give me different consistencies of poop for us to experiment with. Not only am I a DL but I love scat and piss play, so I want this to be taken into account. 
I’d be so excited to mess my diaper for the first time I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I’d probably try and fill it up within the first few minutes. First I’d let my bladder go and just soak the front. I know I’d get as hard as a rock as I felt it leak into the back and warm my ass and my crack. Then I’d try and poop. If I was having issues I’d ask my daddy to give me a laxative or an enema in order to have an easier release. The feeling of warm, thick shit on my ass would send me into a different place. 
I’d sit in it and move around in it until my daddy noticed I messed a diaper he paid for, and bring me over his knee and begin to spank me and smear around the contents of my diaper, or even make me take it off and reverse it so I get as dirty as possible. 
I’d want to sit on his lap while he rubbed it around too, touching my penis and jerking me off through the noisy diaper. After being punished and humiliated, I could tell he was horny. I’d want him to rip open a hole in the back of my diaper and, using my poop as lube, begin to slowly pound my hole with his hard cock, making me his bitch. 
I’d want him to cum deep inside me and pull his poop and cum covered cock out of my nasty hole and make me lick it and suck it clean. He’d then notice my hard member and begin to jerk me off possibly using my shit as lube. I’d want my daddy to please me in the best way possible by letting me cum all over myself with his tight, manly hand gripping my cock. 
Then after that, my daddy would notice that I was hungry. And he was full. He’d sit me underneath gaping, hairy ass and would begin to let loose a gigantic turd that would fall into my mouth. I’d slowly chew on it, gagging slightly as the taste and stench filled my mouth and nose, before swallowing it. My daddy would give me the best meals. 
Then he’d take me into the bedroom and remove my dirty diaper. He’d clean me off with some wet wipes and baby powder before putting a new diaper on me. Before finishing off he would throw my stinky old nappy away and I’d smile knowing that Daddy was taking care of me. 
My ass would be sore and my stomach would be full, and I’d be nice and clean in a new diaper just waiting to fill it up again. 
If only this could happen in real life. Fuck. 🙁

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