a wet drunken revelation

    I had carried him home that night, the mixture of beer and hard liquor making him near incoherent.  This was not the first time I had to give up a weekend to babysit him, and I briefly played with the idea of just leaving him at the bar so that maybe his drunk ass would wise up after waking up in a pool of spilt beer. But in the end, I decided that the week of whining that would follow was not worth the trouble. Once we arrived, I threw him onto the bed, still dressed in his clubbing clothes before heading into the shower to wash the smell off my clothing. I guess what happened after that was my fault. I should have thought to take care of his needs before mine. Then again, if I had, I would have never discovered his big secret.


      It happened shortly after I left the shower, my skin still faintly steaming from the heat. I opened the door to the spare room to check on him, making sure the dumb ass didn’t throw up all over himself. I found him spread out on the bed. He appeared to be asleep, but he must have been dreaming because he was thrashing in his sleep. Well, thrashing might be too strong of a word. Rocking would be more precise, back and forth.  He was whispering something too, but I could not make it out. Curious, I moved closer til I was almost right beside the bed. He whimpered briefly.


       “got to hurry, got to go, can’t hold it.” He cried out briefly, and it was only then that I realized that he had his hand firmly clutched to his crotch. “Gotta go.” He whispered plaintively.


      Great. I thought. Now I got to get his drunk ass to the bathroom. I sighed and stepped forward, intent on getting him up, but then his hand moved away from his crotch and I froze. He was hard, not just I got to pee hard, but stiff as a rod. A smile flitted across his face as his hand returned to his crotch once more. But this time instead of holding himself, his hand began to move languidly against the bulge, stroking himself.


     â€œoh, I really got to go. I should hold it. I got to hold it. Mmmm.” His mouth fell open in a little O as a soft hissing sound briefly filled the room before stopping. He groaned his legs falling open slightly. He moved his hand again, snaking it under his t-shirt to rub across his stomach. The motion reveled to me a half dollar sized wet spot on his jeans. “mmm, I leaked a little.” He whispered.


      A shiver went through me, taking me by surprise. My stomach was fluttering madly and I could feel a slight stirring in my pants. I was getting aroused.   My friend was pissing himself, on my bed no less, and I was getting hard. I shivered again at the thought. Meanwhile, his hand had moved back from his stomach to his groan and his rocking had increased. “I can’t hold it. It’s going to come out. I’m going in my pants. I can’t cant hold it. I’m going in my pants.”


      Another hiss, harder and longer this time seemed to echo across the room. I watched hypnotized as the small circle started to swell encompassing the front of his pants before beginning to drip onto the bed below. I heard a low moan and it took me a moment to realize that it didn’t come from him. I clamped my hand over my mouth but it was too late. His eyes popped open, blue irises cloudy and unfocused. We just stared at each other for a moment. Then his eyes seemed to scan me, and I blushed at the thought of what he would see. Me standing in the middle of the room in just a towel which by now no doubt had a prominent tent extending from it. I couldn’t be more embarrassed.


    Anger filled his eyes and he leaned forward slightly, presumably to hit me. But the movement must have alerted him to his own situation for his eyes got wide and he looked down over himself, a bright blush creeping into his cheeks. We froze, both of us no doubt contemplating our situation. But then he flinched his hand going to clutch his crotch as his previous desperation hit him. He squirmed, his breathing quickened.


     â€œI can help you to the bathroom. Or you could just finish up right there. I will have to change the sheets anyway.” I stated softly, trying not to revel just how much I preferred the one option to the other.


     He looked up at me, surprised. He opened his mouth as if he was going to reply, but then flinched and cried out.  The hissing came a third time, longer then before and much more forceful. It took longer for him to stop it and I knew he wouldn’t be able to control it for much longer. His face was torn between pleasure and embarrassment as he clutched himself with shaky hands. He looked so cute. I couldn’t help myself. I felt my hand twitching towards my cock before I could force myself to stop. He stared at me, watching me stroke myself through the towel as subtly as I could. Then a smile played across his face. “You like watching me piss myself don’t you.” He whispered his voice taking on the same throaty quality as before when he was talking in his sleep.


     It was my turn to blush under his gaze, but I couldn’t stop my hand from its work so it would be useless denying it. “Yeah.” I admitted shakily.  


     To my surprise, he scooted over on the bed, patting the mattress. “Come here.”


    I moved slowly, reluctantly. I sat on the side of the bed, just a few inches from where the puddle from his actions stopped. I could see everything much better from here. The swollen plane of his stomach, the wet denim,  that beautiful long ridge. He leaned over until he was just inches from my ear. “Did I say anything while I was asleep?” he asked


    I hesitated, briefly before replying. “Just some things about having to go.” I admitted


    â€œAnd did that turn you on?” he asked, his hand once again loosening its grip on his cock to start that long stroking motion again.


     â€œYeah.” I shivered at the revelation.


      â€œDo you want to hear more of that?” He asked me briefly.


        â€œYeah.” I responded without even thinking.



        Hesitatingly, I removed my hand from my cock and reaching for his, thinking that is what he meant. He batted my hand away with a laugh, a laugh he immediately regretted when he had to stop and clutch himself to keep from losing control. I waited patiently stroking myself as he regained control.


        â€œNot that, though I may take you up on that later.”


         â€œWhat then?” I asked impatiently. I was so hard that I ached and I wanted to hear him. I needed him to hurry.


          â€œI want you underneath me when I go.” He admitted a slight flush infusing his face. “I want to be rubbing up against you.”


         I couldn’t help it this time. I moaned whole-heartedly and without constraint. I grabbed his t-shirt, pulling him toward me hungrily.  He batted my hands away again a low moan betraying that he too was eager for this. I felt him start to get up and clutched at him but he murmured something soothing before I found myself pulled rather roughly to the center of the bed. Before I could protest, however, he was on top of me, pressing the hard wet weight of his groin into mine.


       â€œOh god, I got to go so bad.” He whispered throatily. I whimpered, bucking up against him so that he had to hold still a minute or else end it all together. “ I really cant hold it much longer. I am going to piss right through my jean.”


        â€œYes.” I responded against my own will my body arching up in an attempt to increase the contact. My cock was dancing beneath its towel cover and I could already feel the pre-cum leaking down the sides of my cock. I was so close. So very close.


        “I going to piss my pants. I can’t hold it. It’s going to come out. I cant stop it. I don’t want to stop it.” He whispered. He was rubbing up against me, but his rhythm was frustratingly slow. “I got to hold it. I cant piss on you. Got to hold it. Got to hold it. Can’t hold it.” He moaned and I felt a rush of warmth soak threw the towel. I moaned arching up to wrap my legs around his hips, pulling him closer. “ I can’t do it. I can’t . . .OH god, I am pissing on you. I can’t stop. I can’t.”

The rush turned into a river as his last thread of control broke. I didn’t care. Pleasure unlike anything I had ever experienced was coursing through my body. I was close. So very close. I just needed a little more. Just a little.  Suddenly, he cried out and grinding against me, bit me hard on the shoulder. I screamed his name as I followed him over the edge, my cock shooting stream after stream into the yellowed towel. Every nerve that gold liquid flowed over was on fire and I was burning up.


It took us both several minutes to recover as the stream flowing from his jeans finally dried. We both lay against each other panting, trembling in the aftershocks. Then he kissed my forehead, an oddly intimate touch before rolling onto his back. “I’ll never come again.” He stated and I laughed. I had the strange urge to kiss him but I was too scared to do it. I didn’t want to ruin the moment. I moved a little, suddenly aware that I was in a puddle that was quickly cooling. When I did, a tinge in my belly made me smile. I rolled myself on top of him, causing him to jump in surprise.


“what are you . . .OH.” he whispered as he felt the warmth begin to soak in between us. I sighed as he rose one hand to rub my back as my bladder slowly emptied between us. I controlled the flow to a slow and steady drizzle prolonging the small shivers it brought on for both of us.  We both sighed our bodies melting together till we could almost be accused of cuddling. However, too soon the last of the few beers I had drunk ran out of me. I lingered a little longer, enjoying the warmth of his body on my bare chest before trying to roll over.

To my surprise however the hand on my back snaked around me. He rolled us together until we were both on our sides before pulling me in. Laying his head on my shoulder, he kissed my neck before whispering.  â€œLets just lay here for awhile.” He stated

“ok.” I whispered. Sleep was starting to wrap itself around me and my voice came out kinda fuzzy.

“You don’t mind if I stay the night right.” He asked, tightening his grip on me a little.

“No.” I reassured him softly, my eyes heavy.

“I might have to go again.” He warned teasingly.

I smiled, grinding my hip a little into his, pulling a gasp from his throat. “Hmm, I wouldn’t mind that.”

“Cause if you do ill. . .”

“Hey, Jess” I whispered my eyes already closing.


“Go to sleep.”

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