A wet day in Bedford

I had long fantasised about blatantly wetting myself in public and the day came when I decided to do so. Although I’m a transvestite, I decided that all male clothing would be best in case I encountered any hostile authority figure after my ‘accident’. To maximise absorbency I put on 2 pairs of white cotton briefs under a pair of olive green trousers which turned very much darker when wet so any wet patch would be very visible. I drank plenty before driving to Bedford, a town about 13 miles away where I’d be unlikely to encounter anyone I knew. I took with me a 2 litre bottle of Coke and after parking the car I drank as much as I was comfortable with before wandering into the pedestrian shopping precinct. By now my bladder was definitely needing relief and although I wasn’t quite bursting to go, I felt the time was right so I sat on a low wall around a flowerbed and just relaxed. The pee started pouring out, flooding my underpants and soaking my trousers with a highly visible dark patch around my crotch and bottom. For the next half hour I wandered around the shopping centre but no-one made any comments or expressed an interest in my condition which was a little disappointing. I returned to the multistorey car park and changed into some black jogging bottoms for the journey home after putting a bin liner on the driver’s seat for protection. I enjoyed myself enough that I shall do it again. It did give me a real thrill knowing that everyone could see that I’d wet myself with a major ‘accident’.

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