A Wet and Messy Bike Ride

Like all of my accounts so far, this one too happened many years ago.  I had quite a bike ride this day. I planned this one for a couple of days, going.back and forth to work, craving for a poop, but holding on for Saturday. By the time Friday night had come along, I could barely hold myself. I was rock hard a good part of the day. I wore loose-fitting dress pants, so my hard-on didn’t show. Periodically, I’d go to the men’s room to relieve some gas as well as pee. I could barely pee because I was so hard! At the last minute, I decided I was going to pee too on this ride so I didn’t go before I went to bed. Now, I’m more of a pants pooper, but peeing in my pants does feel hot and really does turn me on as well. Anyway that Saturday,which was a nice sunny and dry late summer day, I put on one of my well-used pairs of found underwear. I wore my usual shorts and T-shirt to riding in. The underwear was one of may Hanes tightie whities I used to find along roads and trails where I lived. They were well stained from many uses by me as well as from the old skid mark that was in them from before!

As I readied my bike in the garage, I could feel myself getting desparate. I really had to pee as well as shit now. I finished filling my tires up and checking the gears and was off soon enough. Where I lived, I had to climb up a hill. It seems that wherever I live, there’s a hill somewhere. That’s the breaks for living in New England! I pushed myself off down the street, ready to explode, got to the hill and started up. While climbing the hill, I pushed some pee into my shorts. The pee came out the front and down my legs. I adjusted my bike mirror so I could watch the stream well up in my crotch and run down my leg. This made me even more horny as I road along.

I finally got to the top of the hill, still needing to poop and pee. As I rode along the main road, I pissed and pushed some shit into my shorts. Oh what  feeling! The pleasure and relief at the same time. I continued my ride to the state forest where there are paths and side roads. I had a four mile ride to go and continued my messing as I pushed up the hills.

Finally into the state forest, and I stopped at a rest area to have some water. I looked around and found no underwear in the usual places, which disappointed me. I then continued on my ride to a small swimming hole. This was actually a closed beach. The road leading in was gated off to keep cars out, but it was accessible by bike or on foot. I finally made my way to the beach and sat down on my haunches. I then leaned back and finished off the biggest load I had seen in an age right into my pants. While filling my pants, I also peed again. This time emptying my bladder completely.

I was alone there, not a soul around, as I enjoyed my mes, I reached down and jerked myself off. I then laid there in the sun, letting the warmth of my mess plus the sun bask me. When I was ready to clean-up, I got up and went for a swim. While in the water, I pulled my underwear off and rinsed off my ass as well as rinsed out the underwear. I then put my wet underwear back on, which made me hard again and pulled up me shorts and went for the rest of my ride.

I did this a few more times that summer in various other pairs of underwear and shorts including some Spandex bike shorts. I can say though that none of the later experiences were as good as this one.


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  1. OMG this is a great story would have loved it if someone would have been walking along and caught you in wet poopy pants…..

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