A walk with a nerdy guy

It’s been a while since I have had anything really to write about but a couple of weeks ago that finally changed.

I’d been talking to a guy who was really interested in the fact that I like to wet (and occasionally shit) myself and he wanted to meet up for us to go for a walk and talk about that and anything else that came to mind.

He gave me the choice to make this a normal walk or a something a little different. I leapt at the chance to make this a wet walk and so said I’d be drinking lots of water and that it would be cool if he did the same.

So we met up and he was very lovely and polite, slightly geeky and socially awkward which was also quite cute. I didn’t really need to go there and then so we set on off on our walk around the Marshes. We were wondering around and chatting and he said that he really needed to pee so we dashed off into the trees. He then struggled to undo his fly, I was secretly hoping he’d piss himself, but he whipped it out just in time and let out a huge stream of piss. I got instantly hard but didn’t know if he wanted me to do anything with it or not as he said he was just curious about all this stuff. So I just stood close and occasionally touched his pissing dick and ran my fingers through his stream.

Once he’d finished this initial stream we set off on the walk again. I was slowly building and knew the couple of litres of water was going to kick on sometime soon. We were chatting away and on the return of the loop and then he asked to sit down. I was trying to relax and also push. My ass was really wrecked that day so it was quite hard to push without my rose popping out which makes it hard to pee. Eventually, I stood up and carried on talking to him as he sat. I finally let out a few spurts. Enough to be visible on the front of my jeans. I woman walked passed with her dogs and I let out a little more but she didn’t notice.

We carried on walked with my damp patches on show. The Marshes were pretty busy as it was a nice sunny day and as we walked passed a family I could really feel it coming. I let out some really long warm spurts that ended up making big patches down both legs. It was now very obvious I’d pissed myself but the guy next to me carried on talking and walking.

It was getting to the stage where I really needed to let it all go but it was getting very busy and he said he needed to pee again. So we slinked off to another patch of woodland. He stood in front of me and said, “so you going to do it?” and then I breathed in a let go. It poured out and I flooded my jeans and pants. It went on for a few mins until I couldn’t let anymore out without pushing and making my ass come out.

He said that he needed to really pee and that I could do whatever I wanted while he did it. So I stripped off my soaked jeans and boxers and took off my top and knelt down in front of him and started to suck him off. As I did I felt a dribble in my mouth and he said, “it’s all going to come out soon!” and so I carried on and then a big splash of piss went into my mouth. It was warm and not strong but I let it fall out of my mouth so I could let him just piss over my toned body. He peed and peed for ages, every so often I went in to put it back in my mouth which he seemed to really like.

Once he’d finished I carried on sucking him off and then he exploded in my mouth. Normally I am a swallower but this was too much even for me. It totally filled my mouth and I let it dribble out. Then I got dressed into some fresh clothes and we headed back. I wonder if there will be a next time?

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