A walk home

     Peter was in eleventh grade. He was tall, skinny, had brown hair and green eyes, but he had a secret that he shared with nobody. He had a crush on his best friend Jay. Jay was his age, a bit shorter but he had piercing blue eyes and messy brown hair. 

     Peter had been friends with Jay for years but only had begun to be turned on by him last year. It started when they were walking home from school and Jay had popped a boner. From then on Peter had crushed on him. 
     One day Peter and Jay were walking home from the movies. It was about a hour walk if they cut through the woods. They both had downed large sodas at the theater and refused to pee. As they were walking Peter though about Jay. He thought Jay pissing himself and immediately was turned on. Peter loved to pee himself and wet diapers when his parents weren’t home. Peter glanced down at his own willy and realized he was getting hard. Peter thrust a hand in his pocket quickly, but Jay had noticed. 
     “Gotta Pee?” Jay teased. Peter blushed a bright red. 
He covered up quickly by saying, “Well don’t you too, we had large sodas.” Jay laughed and faced forward again. After the quick exchange about pee, Peter found that his urge was growing. Great Peter thought, were far away from home and I have a weak bladder. 
About ten minutes later Peter saw Jay grab at his crotch. He looked up at Jay’s face and saw the desperation. Jay saw Peter watching him and quickly resumed to walking forward. This had gotten Peter hard again. His penis pressed hard up against his tightly fitting jeans. A few minutes later Jay was grabbing himself again. 
     “I have to pee,” Jay mumbled. Red blush flooded his face as he placed two hand around his crotch and looked like he was trying to crush his balls. Peter said nothing because his urge was growing too. Peter grinned and used his hand in his pocket to grab his penis. 
     They had made it into the woods now and Jay looked at the verge of tears. He crossed his legs for a moment until they continued moving. Peter was completely hard now. For twenty minutes he had watched Jay struggle. But he was loosing his own fight too, only he was to hard to pee. All of the sudden Jay screamed, “I’m not going to make it!” Jay threw his hands around his penis and squeezed hard. Peter could tell, Jay’s knuckles had turned white. Finally Jay removed his hands from his pants and a large pee spot appeared on his denim jeans. Peter was about at his climax. And then Peter began to pee. He hadn’t even realized he had lost his own battle. Pee ran down both of their legs. Jay’s face was completely red, and tears were forming at his eyes. Peter was in total ecstasy. Hot piss was running down his legs and he had cummed all over his boxers. 
     When Jay’s stream had ended he looked up in complete horror. He had peed everywhere, and in front of his friend. 
     “That was incredibly hot,” Peter admitted. 
     “What?” said Jay in complete astonishment. Peter strode bravely over to Jay and cupped his hand under Jay’s crotch and squeezed. Jay’s eyes widened in disbelief. Pee dripped from Jay’s wet crotch. Peter moved his hand slowly us the front of Jay’s pants. Jay sighed in utter happiness. Peter placed a second hand on Jay’s fly and unbuttoned his pants. Jay’s jeans dropped to the pee stained ground, and sat around his ankles. 
     Jay was wearing tight fitting briefs which now hugged his ass and gave a nice outline of a 6 inch flacid, cut cock. Peter moved one of his fingers through the hole in Jay’s briefs until is pointer finger was touching his cock. Then Peter thrust the rest of his hand into the hole in Jay’s underwear. Peter groped around until he got a firm hold of Jay’s cock. Peter rubbed Jay’s cock furiously. When Peter had finished an 8 inch erect cock tented out from Jay’s white briefs. 
Jay hadn’t even bothered to resist. He had realized that he enjoyed it, and now had a dying urge to get into Peter’s pants. Peter stood 3 feet away from Jay now afraid of what he thought and what he had just done to Jay. 
Jay dropped his underwear now, and took two steps towards Peter. Jay unzipped Peter’s pants and let them drop to his ankles. Jay looked down to see Peter’s tented out boxers. Jay opened the hole of the boxers to reveal a 9 inch erect cut cock. 
     Then without another thought the two kissed. They sunk to their knees and just like that made out half naked in the woods. They peed some more on each others penises and cummed in each others mouths. They discarded there underwear somewhere in the woods and finally pulled each others pants up, and exited the woods. 
     When they reached home they had peed themselves more on the walk and took a shower together at Peter’s house. 

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