a very wet shopping trip

Well I was out in a shopping centre and I went into Primark to look for some new clothes. I had previously consumed some coffee and a bottle of coke and having no intention of wetting myself, I was unaware of how this will affect my poor bladder.  As I continued to browse the shop I picked out a nice pair of jeans and some Disney printed tops. And I go to the changing rooms to try them on.

I try on the tops first and as I begin to try on the jeans I feel the need to pee really really bad. So I quickly put my clothes back on and start to leave the shop. As I put the clothes back I feel a bit of pee leave my pussy and go on my cotton light pink panties and get wet very quickly, my dark navy blue jeans are still dry. I leave the store and begin to go to the centres toilets, as I am walking I can feel little squirts of pee coming out my pants and going into my jeans making them damp.  

I enter the loos and lock myself in a cubicle and check out my jeans and panties and notice that even though the panties are wet the jeans are only damp and it doesn’t look like I’ve wet myself at all. So I pull them back on and stand by the toilet and pee myself full force. The pee goes all down my legs and on my socks and in my trainers, making a lovely puddle on the floor. As I finish peeing I look at my jeans and notice that even though they are very wet, you can’t see the pee stain unless you look very closely so I leave the cubical and go and wash my hand in the sink (as you do) and leave the toilets. As I leave some mums come into the loos but they don’t notice anything. So l start to leave the shopping centre and go towards the bus stop home.

As I’m waiting for my bus no one notices my accident and when I get on the bus I sit at the top deck where there isn’t a lot of people . As the journey goes on I feel the need to pee again and I think “why not pee on the bus. You’re already wet” so I relax and pee gently into my seat not to much to make it drip onto the floor but enough to make the seat a bit damp. As my stop draws closer I prepare to leave and I look at the seat and see that the wet spot on the seat is a bit noticeable but the seat is pretty damp.  I get off the bus and begin to walk home

As I walk home I enter the local Co-Op and go inside to buy some Jam donuts and as I wait in line to pay for them I pee some more making a little wet spot on the floor, I pay for my goods and leave to go home, as I enter my area I stand by the grass at outside the front of my house and let out all the pee. I then go inside my home and head to the bathroom and admire my lovely self in the mirror.

I remove my soaking wet jeans and begin to finger myself through my wet panties and bring myself to a lovely and amazing orgasm. I then clean myself up and put my clothes in the wash and log on to WPB and begin to share my wonderful day with you.

Hope you enjoyed it 😉

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  1. Wow!!! What an amazing story and day you must’ve had! 🙂 I bet every time you peed, each and every time it felt amazing and naughty at the same time doing it out in public like that 🙂

  2. Wow, sounds like you met your little wet marks everywhere. Peeing on the bus was pretty naughty in itself, but you had a full pissy filled adventure of a day..Nice story 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed reading that again and remembering our times together. Hope you are doing fine

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