A Very Wet Hotel Bed

while in SFO on a business trip, I had a HOT HOT experience with a guy that I met on a DL site.  We’d been in touch for about three years, but the timing of my trips to the Bay Area never worked out to meet up.  This time it did.  Since we’d been in contact for several years, we kind of knew we were on the same page (into wetting each other in and out of clothes, wetting in public, bed wetting, safe play, etc.).  We had even talked on the phone once when I was in SFO but we could not meet.


He had to take a friend to the SFO airport for a 10pm flight.  So, our meeting was going to be late.  He said he wanted to wear a diaper, and then go have a bunch of beers some where in the neighborhood, and piss himself while we were talking and drinking.  I said well, come right over from the airport, and in the meantime, I’d go out and buy some.  So, I tanked up all day on water, and I put on a diaper about 10:30pm.  I put on a green tanktop, and no pants over the diaper.  I thought why not just show off the diaper when he arrives?  He ask me to text him with the hotel address and room number.  I know–a bit risky.  I usually ONLY meet someone new in public at a bar or something.  But, well, I had a pretty good feeling about this guy, Jim, so texted him the address and room number, and told him to just come on up.


There was a knock on the door about 11pm and I opened it to find a smiling, 6’2″ guy standing there grinning at my attire.  I said, well, no use to hide it, since he wanted to get diapered and go for a drink.  He came in, and after just a couple of minutes of awkwardness, we immediately hit it off.  So, he asked if I had a diaper for him, so he could put one on.  I gave him one, and said he was free to go in the bathroom, if he was modest, or I could put it on (having never done that to another guy, however), or he could put it on in front of me himself.  No pressure, it was up to him.  He said, well, why not just have me put it on him.  He had never been diapered by another guy himself.  He dropped his pants, and I saw a very nice cock.  I told him to lie down on the bed, and I put the diaper on him.  I think I did ok.  But, I did put his dick pointing up, and he had to adjust it, because he liked it down.  Who knew?


His plan was to go to a hotel bar in the neighborhood for a beer and to chat.  He said he had already had sex that afternoon with a guy he was sort of dating, and wanted me to know that we probably would not be playing or anything.  I was a bit disappointed, but said that ok.  Meeting and talking piss and wetting in public were fine with me.  He was so nice and so good-looking, I was going to be just fine spending time with him.


We went to a nearby hotel and its lobby bar was nearly empty and very dimly let!  That was great, because we could talk freely, and it was not loud.  We sat in a corner on a leather (naugahyde?) sofa, and ordered a beer each.  We really hit it off, talking about how and when we got into watersports and wetting, and what we liked to do, and well, just, everything.  We really got along great, and could not stop comparing notes and stories.  We downed that first beer pretty fast, and ordered a second.  After more stories, he asked if we should have one more beer, and I reluctantly agreed, because I was having SO much fun, and didn’t want to leave.  (I usually drink don’t drink that much alcohol.)  Since neither of us had taken a piss since before 10pm, we were both desperate to pee and starting to squirm, so the conversation turned to the fact that we were both desperate and wetting our diapers as we talked!  That brought on an immediate and super hard, hard on!  So, during that 3rd beer, our conversation was all about how badly we had to piss, how wet we were getting, and the fact that leaks were occurring and our jeans were starting to get a tiny bit wet.  So, Jim asked if I wanted one more beer before we left.  At that point, I was had a good buzz on, so I said, heck yeah.


We were both leaking quite a bit before that forth beer was finished.  We talked about how glad we were that the bar was dark, no one was around, and the sofa was not cloth.  OK, time to pay and head out.  With all that much to drink, I said to Jim that he really wasn’t going to drive home, was he?  He readily agreed that was a bad idea, and wondered if he could spend the night.  Of course, I was delighted, but again a bit anxious.  That’s something I have not done for over a decade, I’ll bet–let someone stay over the first night we meet.  But, again I had such a good feeling about him, and I was having such a hot time, that I bent all my rules.


On the few block walk back to my hotel, we wet a lot, and checked out each others jeans which were clearly quite wet at the butts.  That, too, was so hot.  I said we better stop by a drug store and get some sort of plastic for the bed, because I was afraid we’d leak during the night.  Jim said, no, let’s not bother–let’s just get diapered in dry ones before falling asleep.  Well, I usually always travel with a plastic sheet for my watersports activities in hotels, but not this time, unfortunately.  Again, being fairly drunk, I just agreed, and thought, yeah, it would be ok.


Being so late, and quite drunk, we ripped off the wet diapers, pissed a bit on each other in the bathroom.  Then we both decided we really needed to get to sleep.  So, we diapered one another, and jumped in bed, and immediately went into “spooning” position and fell asleep.  That, too, is an exception with me.  I usually would not sleep well at all with a stranger in the same bed, let alone be able to cuddle with someone all night.  But, no problem this night, as I was SO tired an buzzed!  My only problem was waking up now and then with a raging hard on!


Well, sometime during the night, it was bound to happen, and it did.  I’m sure Jim started it—I woke up around 4am, and the bed was quite wet around our butts.  Shit.  I really didn’t want that to happen in a hotel with an unprotected mattress.  I was awake now, still buzzed, and needed to piss badly myself.  I decided to wet my diaper, and I thought I would be able to contain it.  I did let a little out, relieved the pressure somewhat, and fell back asleep.  I think we both drifted in and out of sleep from that point on, because we each put our hands in each others’ diapers from time to time to feel the hard dicks and the wetness.  That was such a turn on, and something I had always wanted to do.  Again, I woke slightly about an hour later, and I felt that the bed was quite soaked around us.  At that point, having to piss badly again, I thought, well, wtf, the damage has been done.  So, I relaxed, snuggled tightly into Jim’s arms, and let all my piss out, and went back to sleep.


About 7am, we both woke up and started playing with each others’ dick in our diapers.  We mumbled to each other how the bed was soaked and how we must have had too many beers and wet the bed.  At that point, mostly awake and totally hard, with piss loads building up again, we started rolling on top of each other, talking about how we were going to let more piss out into our already overfull diapers.  Finally, I sat up on Jim, pulled the front of my diaper down, and started pissing on his chest.  Then Jim said it was his turn.  By now the diapers were ripped off, and it was quickly turning into full Golden Shower play in the bed!  Jim sat on me, pissed on my chest, up to my face and hair, and proceeded to drench me with every drop he had left in his bladder.  We arranged one more reversal, so I could be on top and piss on him, but I was too hard to piss.  At that point, serious jacking started, and soon two huge loads were blown all over Jim.


I laid on top of him for a while, but the bed was cold, and we were covered with piss and cum with two soggy diapers about to come apart next to us.  We decided it was time to hit the showers.


We both took long, hot showers, and I dressed, too, to walk Jim back to his car under a hotel umbrella.  Yes, it was pissing outside, too.  What a finale to a very wet night.


Well, I had always wanted to try diapers, and ‘accidentally’ wet the bed with someone.  I’m still thinking about the experience, and I think it was really one of the best and hottest I can ever remember.  Jim is a very cool, good-looking and fun guy, and equally kinky, if not more so, than I—I wonder, did he have it planned all the time to totally soak my hotel bed?  Well, anyway, the night turned out exceptionally well—much better than I had ever dreamed it would.  I really hope we stay in touch.


While I am embarrassed about the bed, we figured it wasn’t the first time a hotel bed had been pissed in during the night.  I cleaned up the whole room, and discovered no pillows or comforters had gotten even the slightest bit wet.  I took three of the four wet diapers with me to dispose of in the public trash cans, and I left one neatly wrapped up by the trash can in the bathroom, hoping the maid would think an adult with an incontinence problem had tried his best by wearing a diaper, but that the bed got wet anyway.  The only problem with that idea was that there was about six liters of piss in that bed!


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