A very special hike in Sweden (part 1)

It all happened a few summers ago (yes, this is a true story and I’m still glad it really happened!). My friends and I just passed our finals, so we thought it would be nice to celebrate this by going on a hike in Sweden. A week or two before our trip, we started our preparations. During one particular night, we were discussing what items would be really necessary in Sweden. As a joke, I said it would be good to bring some condoms, in case of you never know. All my friends laughed, even my best friend, not knowing what would happed between us….

After two weeks, we finally started our trip to the northern part of Sweden. We walked for up to 20 miles a day with a lot of climbs and descends. On day 4, we reached a small village and we decided to do some groceries. To celebrate the fact that we were still alive after four very heavy days, we bought a lot of beers (light beers unfortunately). We walked another 5 miles along the river till we came across a very nice place to stay the night. Because it was a quite hot day, we prepared our camp site with almost no clothes on. My best friend is quite athletic, so seeing him in only his swimming shorts made me feel quite horny. Meanwhile, we all started to get a little bit drunk and we thought it would be quite funny to only wear our underwear. This made me even more horny, so I hurried to the river to hide my boner. “Unfortunately”, my best friend also jumped into the river and we started a water fight with a lot of physical contact. My boner got bigger and bigger and I desperately needed to pee. After a while, my other two friends made some dinner and my best friend and I got out of the water. I also saw a boner in my best friend’s underwear. I tried to hide my boner while we were having out dinner.
After dinner, my two other friends went out to get some wood for a fire. As a consequence, my best friend and I were alone at the camp site. My bladder was almost maximally filled, so I needed to pee very very desperately. Totally unexpected, my friend started talking about his sex life. He told me that he would like to experiment with boys and that he was also interested in pissing and wetting. As soon as he had told me this, we started kissing. Unfortunately, my two other friends came back very soon, so we needed to stop our “experiment”. After a few minutes, I got the following text message from my best friend: ‘I’ll come to you tonight when the others are asleep, xx’. This made me even more horny than I was before. My bladder almost exploded, so I told the others that I would look for a good pissing spot. I hoped that my best friend would come with me, because I knew he had a lot of beers. I was very happy when my best friend said that he also needed to pee. We walked away from our friends, both with a very big boner.
To be continued…

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