A true and interesting overnight airline flight!

Some time ago I was on a long business trip that required overnight flying. It was on a long international airline flight. We boarded in the evening and I had a window seat and the center and isle seat filled with people largely anonymous to me as I read a book. As night came the cabin was dark and most travelers were sleeping like me. I was aroused when feeling a hand gently touching my thigh. I thought it was the guy next to me just spilling over his seat a little while sleeping. His hand was just resting a little on my leg and not moving so I did nothing and dozed back off. I woke a little later and the hand was still there but had crept up my thigh some more but I still didn’t think there was anything going on so I drifted off again. Some time later I shifted a little in the seat while still a little sleepy and this allowed the hand to now contact my crotch but there was still no movement on his side and I decided to shift a little more to see if I could make his hand slide back down my leg a little which it did. I dozed off again. I next awoke and the hand was back up on my crotch and almost completely around me and I noticed that I had become quite aroused! I was getting hard and bulging against my pants which were pretty tight from being in a sitting position already. It was still dark and the guy next to me made no movement or sound and appeared fast asleep so I shifted a little to make his hand slide off me a little. While gently doing this so I didn’t wake him I noticed that I was really aroused and my underwear was getting a little slippery inside (I wore nylon speedos for undies). I decided to stay awake and pretend to be asleep so I could be more aware of what might be going on. Sure enough after a few minutes the hand slowly started inching up my thigh again which was making me get very hard! It finally reached my crotch again and now slowly began to ‘feel’ around my bulging package but still very lightly and obviously assuming that I was asleep and unaware of what was happening! I was aware!! And I was getting my poor speedos quite slippery!! It was an amazing feeling but I was now trying to decide what to do before my speedos received a gusher full of cum!! I worried that if I had an orgasm it might soak through my speedos and pants which were thankfully black. I was in a wonderful predicament. The softest and most gentle erotic massage but in a place where I really didn’t want to have an orgasm! (at least so I thought) I pretended to shift a little but this time the hand stayed gently in contact with my stiff member. This weak attempt to shift and lessen the contact only added to the gentle movement and made me even more excited and wet. I was now quite aware of his gentle rubbing on my pants but was way too aroused to want to stop completely. I thought that I might be able to simply enjoy the feeling but control any urge to gush cum. After a time my speedos were now very wet and slippery. I was clearly failing to avoid further progress towards an orgasm and gave up trying. I would just sit back and enjoy the experience then deal with the issues later. It was an amazing thing to be sitting back in the dark and having such a light touch on my pants make me so aroused. This lasted a while longer and up to the point where I could feel an unavoidable orgasm suddenly building inside me and I made a real effort to remain still and hopefully not make any noise!! I knew my speedos were soaked already so an orgasmic gush would not place me at much more of a risk than an hour of exciting rubbing had already. As I lay back in the seat I relished the entire journey of my load of cum from well inside me to my enlarged member, then with every pulse as I exploded into my nylon speedos. I believe that all my efforts to remain still and attempts to prevent the final gush only added to the immense pleasure!! The hand that gently brought this on was still gently attached to my pants and obviously felt all of the results!! I knew this because after a few moments of wet contact with my still and receding member his hand withdrew to his side of the seat. I was left with a still slightly aroused member almost afloat in my cum filled speedos. They absolutely felt as wet as the attached picture!!! I reached into the seat back and retrieved some napkins I’d saved from the dinner service and stuffed these into my briefs in the hopes it might control any further flow of cum and give my pants a chance of drying before daylight. It was daylight when we landed, I was dry and was pretty sure no evidence remained beyond a wad of napkins stuffed into my speedos. We deplaned and the guy next to me made no noticeable eye contact as did I. We retrieved carry on luggage and carried on like absolutely nothing happened. Later, as I left the men’s room where I did the best I could to return my poor slippery speedos to a semblance of dry functioning underwear, I noticed this guy walking off in the terminal with a very attractive woman!! I wondered if she would have an experience with him any where near to the erotic one that I’d just had.

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