A Summer Night’s Dream Chapter 1

Chapter One: A New “Friend”

Why did I drink so much water? I asked myself as I dashed down the airport to the restoom. I held my crotch with one hand as I sprinted. Drinking 10 bottles of water was not a good idea, especially with the closest bathroom being halfway across the universe. It also wasn’t a good idea to hold it until mom and dad’s plane took off. But I didn’t want to miss it! It was the last time I’d see them until summer was over. I wouldn’t see them until my 15th birthday. I just wished that the plane didn’t take two hours to leave. I’m not kidding either. I was standing there holding it the best I could for two hours while they sorted an issue out with the plane. Nick, my brother, told me to just go, but I was afraid the plane would leave as I was releasing the contents of my bladder into the urinal.

“Joel!” Nick shouted down the hall to me. “I’ll meet you by the car!” As I gave him a thumbs up, he burst out laughing. I didn’t care. I’d deal with him later. Right now, if I didn’t get to the restroom, I was going to explode. I felt a drop come out as I bounded through the restroom doors. Too my dismay, all three urinals were occupied. So I stood there, both hands in my area, as I waited for a urinal. Shivers ran down my spine. I heard the little boy peeing in the right urinal sigh with relief. The sound of urine splashing against toilet water came next, as someone in the stalls starting letting it out. I was desperate. I was so desperate, I would have gone in the sink. I was honestly considering it when the man in the middle urinal zipped up and stepped out to wash his hands.

I quickly ran up to the urinal and unzipped, revealing my soft penis. It was two inches flacid. I measured. I had relief pouring out my ears as piss poured out of my soft circumsized meat. I sighed my heavest sigh ever, and watched as the warm, clear piss flowed out. It felt so fucking good, I couldn’t help but moan, which made the guys peeing next to me wince and move away slowly. I blushed. “I’ve been holding it in for a while,” I said. That didn’t stop them. The zipped up and got out of the restroom as soon as possible. I rolled my eyes at them, and continued to relieve myself. After about a minute, a very cute guy came up. He was a few inches shorter than me (and I’m talking about height, here, people), had really bright blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and the cutest freckles all over his face. He had the most adorable smile in the world. He smiled at me as he walked up to the urinal next to me and unzipped. He brought out his soft cock, and it made me hard (I was around four inches hard). This boy was about three inches soft–bigger than me–and was cut. I had always liked cut cocks better than uncut ones. I’ve been told that foreskin tastes and feels amazing, but uncut cocks just instantly turned me off. I never quite knew why.

I think he noticed me eyeing his dick, because his grin got wider, and he winked at me. I blushed and turned away. “Don’t worry, dude,” he whispered to me. His voice was adorable. “Keep looking, I don’t mind.” I turned back to him, and noticed him grinning at me, his eyes pointed towards my own cock. I blushed again, admiring his cute features. I adored his freckles. I loved his smile. His hair was so cute. His cock made me horny. Really horny.

“Why are you hard?” he asked softly. I thought it was sweet that he would say this so quietly, rather than shouting it out for all to hear,like almost anyone else would.

“‘Cause you’re penis is turning me on,” I whispered back, blushing with a smile. He blushed, too. I looked at his dick. It was hard, also. Apparently my penis turned him on, too. It was about five inches hard! It made me so hot!

“Your does the same to me.” I knew it.

“I’m Joel, by the way,” I told him.

“Joey,” he said. Cutest. Name. Ever.

“Do you wanna hang out sometime?” I asked. “My parents are gone for the entire summer, and my brother is ther coolest guy in the world. He lets me do anything I want when mom and dad are out.” My voice got even softer. “He’d even let me walk around naked all day.” His cock twitched, and his eyes grew wide. I took that as a yes. I smiled. “Give me your phone,” I said. He handed me his phone, and I punched my number in (all one handed, since my left was still holding my hard on). Then I called my number from his phone and added his number. I put hearts around his name. He giggled. I looooved his laugh. After I was finally done pissing (Joey was done way before me, but he stood there are jacked off until I was finished. The timing was about perfect. Just as my stream started to waiver, he came. I grinned at his hot, white cum.). We both zipped up and washed our hands together. Same sink and everything. And at that moment, I didn’t care if anyone came in and saw us. I didn’t care that people would know I was gay. All I cared about was Joey.

We walked out together, and, making sure no one was around, I kissed him on the cheek. He blushed, and I ran off. I waved to him and shouted, “I’ll text you!” He waved back, one hand on the cheek that I kissed, with a shocked look on his face, but a smile on his lips.

I went home and changed my twitter status: “Today was the best day ever. I made a new ‘friend’.”

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  1. iliked to deliberatly wet my pants when i was at school. Must have been around 7 years old. Never grown out of it. I just love the feeling of piss wet clothes on my skin

  2. omg this turned me on so much, awesome story

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