A Squishy Ride

I have just come in from mowing an acre or two of grass, but before getting on the ride-on, I filled my pants with a full load of poo. I needed a pee as well, but that had to wait. As I bumped over the uneven ground, I felt the load spreading out and when going round a bend, I felt myself sliding inside my pants. What a great feeling! I knew that some of the poo had come up the front of my pants and was around my balls. Just to check that out, I slid my hand down the front and, sure enough, the poo was well up into my groin. While continuing to enjoy this feeling, I had to wait until I felt the need to pee again. As I was starting another row, I let my whole bladder empty out into my soggy pants and onto the seat. Another great feeling! As all good things come to an end, I put the ride-on away and headed for the shower.
In the shower, I scooped up a handful of soft poo and smeared it around my butt and genitals. There is nothing that can beat the feeling of massaging my balls and penis with a load of soft poo. One of the best feelings is scratching the area between the scrotum and the anus with the soft poo. After enjoying that , I rinsed myself off and applied some hair shampoo, and again, the massage continued, but this time, I was becoming a bit cleaner until the final rinse which left me feeling satisfied, clean and smelling fresh. A bit of talcum powder and some clean clothes returned me to some respectability again and only you and I know the full story.

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  1. Next time wait till you get on the tractor the vibration as you dump ur load on the tractor made me
    Almost stop

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