A Simple Beginning

Mary (well, Mariko) sat back in her chair with a flustered sigh. Schoolwork was tough enough normally but she was writing about classic English literature – her least-favorite subject. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t like to read, but she preferred modern books. Not books so much as comics. Let’s fix that again…manga. Did it play into her heritage? Yes, but it was really just the calling her personality took up. Mary was upbeat enough to get along as a middle child sandwiched between her older, Japan-born half-brother Ichiro and her younger American-born step-sister Cassidy.


So how does any of this play into why we are talking? You can’t hide that expression. You are wondering how kinky Mary is and why she would be brought up on a fetish site like this, yes? Oh rest assured she has some kinks that are only amplified by her being a student with a mixed bloodline. Those will reveal themselves over time. For now, let’s go back to Mary as it seems that she found something more interesting than her report…


Mariko was now leaning forward in her seat with a sly grin and attentive eyes. Her browser seemed to have found itself to a popular x-rated video site. She had the volume turned down and was getting into what was going on before her. Fortunately she had her own room, but the chances she’d ever get to do any of these things were slim with parents and/or siblings perhaps a wall away. But that didn’t stop her from watching (and reading) porn as an outlet. Currently a young couple who had shot themselves were having a fun, doggy-style, bareback romp for her pleasure. Her favorite. Not the staged, “professional” scenes but the real ones with real people. Not-perfect people. It was “genuine” and, as her hand found its way down the front of her panties, an extreme turn on.


The cotton bulge rose and fell in the front as her hand worked its movie magic bringing her to climax in sync with the couple. Mary huffed a few times watching the pulsating shaft disappear into the woman and shook once more. Her crotch was soaked so wiping her fingers necessitated creative use of the portion just under the waistband above the hip hole. Content, she laid back in her seat again, legs apart, in a very unladylike fashion. Adding to the uncouth scene she passed gas. Hey, who did she need to impress here anyway? But it was a reminder to go to the bathroom and wash up before going back to work. Sex-scented keyboards tend to attract unwanted attention.


Closing the porn site and maximizing her word processor, Mariko, sauntered to the bathroom in her panties and a t-shirt. Usual garb for the house, honestly, but she still tiptoed as to not disturb her parents watching TV in the living room. The scandalous, short dash ended in a closed bathroom door and another release of gas as she went from washing her hands to bracing on the sink with legs spread. Don’t let her know you know that, she does have a normal image to uphold at school. While poised like this her mind couldn’t help but avoid classic literature and wander again. Spryly she tried something new, her favorite kind of trying. She pushed. Not off the sink. Not the medicine cabinet doors closed. She pushed with her lower muscles.


Ah, you were wondering about this part weren’t you? Well, in a way, so was she. Mary had seen such things in her browsing before but aside from orgasming in or even peeing through her panties on the occassion she could, she never actually…pushed. You can cheer her on if you’d like.


Mary’s eyes closed as this was a bit embarrassing and it helped her concentrate. Control meant everything here. Slowly she could feel it emerge from her and her vivid imagination was only amplifying the experience. What felt like feet was spanned before she encountered some resistance as the back of her panties were acting as a blockade to her act. Undaunted, she pushed. The back tightened. She pushed more. The gusset tightened then began to droop a little. She pushed again and her waistband pulled at her hips. It was warm, too. Funny how you never realize your own body heat until it is, uh, presented to you may be the best terminology here.


Mariko’s eyes opened and after adjusting to the lights slowly panned down. Her heart beat faster knowing she did something that was a bit gross, very unexpected of her demeanor, and extremely humiliating if someone in her family were to open that door and co-


Ah, gotcha! Nobody was there. But now you know the terrifying thrill she had times a hundred.


Between her spread legs was a sagging bulge encapsulated by her panties. It drooped a few inches and was quite round. Slowly she waddled to the side to admire and critique her work. There it was, no going back. Mary had just quite deliberately pooped in her panties…and it felt amazing! She smiled and admired her handy work reveling in the “if only others knew” (which again, play dumb if she asks) factor.

What was best of all is that she was no model, she was what she enjoyed watching. Natural. A person. Maybe not the prettiest, thinnest, or with the biggest breasts, but none of that mattered now. She was herself and she did something just now she enjoyed as she grabbed a hand mirror and put it between her legs. Even like this, with sagging panties and a procrastinated report left to write for her class, she felt like the most beautiful woman ever.


While that is all fine and good, and let’s not take that away from her, perhaps we’ll let her self-gloat a bit and meet her back in her room. She’ll be back for more eventually, that is after she finds out how she is going to clean up the evidence…

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  1. hey nice story, glad to see you added something, in case you don’t remember me, i’m jdog18 from femalespoopingpanties.socialparody.com

  2. Very Original Writing style, from what I’ve read that is. Read all three of your posts and I seem to crave more. Thank You and hope this encourages you write more!

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