A shitty day in diapers

I am fluffy. I am a German shepherd. I am a bitch. No no, you heard right, I called myself a bitch. I even have an owner! Yea! An owner! She is a female Doberman who likes to shit and piss on me at will, and I love my life. Well one day my owner decides “I have an idea, why don’t we make him over flow today, then punish I’m for it! Brilliant! 

So basically she filled a baby bottle with laxitives and told me it was juice…. And I fell for it…. She set up a Visio camera just as I got done and it wasn’t until about an hour of blocks did my tummy start to hurt. “Mama,” I said, “I have to make poopoo” 
“Well go in your diaper”
“But I may leak” 
“You better not! Or else it’s the paddle!” 
So I sat their in pain until I gave up. It started. moving and it just wouldn’t stop! Big, brown, stinky logs flowed into the diaper, mashing up againsed my ass and making my diaper say until it was compleat my full! But it didn’t stop there! Ohhhhh no, it flowed out through the leg wholes and onto the carpet, and as it did, my mistress came in.
“What the hell fluffy!? Bend over! NOW!
I whimpered, but did as she said. She came over with a wooden paddle, as if she had been expecting it… Oh wait… SHE HAD! As I am still shitting, she starts to spank me, and it gets every where! On the paddle, on her, on the floor, you get the point. Well after my messy spanking, I was told to lick it up. And as I did, she peed on me as punishment. It was a bad day to be in diapers

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