A shitty day at work

This Saturday morning it was my turn to check that all the automatic data collection and processing was functioning correctly at work. I was urgently needing relief before leaving home so I put on a disposable nappy with my frilly waterproof panties on top but under my jogging bottoms and drove to work where I enjoyed relaxing and filling my nappy with plenty of soft shit and also emptying my bladder, enjoying the feel of the hot piss flowing over my balls and making the nappy nice and heavy. I was alone at work but the smell was very noticeable so I got a clean nappy from the car, cleaned myself up and put on the clean nappy. In the new nappy I had another piss and after work I went shopping. I was in TK-Maxx when I felt the presence of more shit in my rectum so there in the shop while looking at some underwear I pushed and filled my nappy again. I then bent down and felt the soft shit spreading over my buttocks and under my balls. I walked back to the car through the busy shopping centre, aware with every step of the sliding of the shitty nappy against my bottom, not to mention the smell which may have made it obvious to others that I had shat myself. I had to sit in the shitty nappy for the drive home during which I had another nappy piss. When I got home I sat in the messy nappy watching tv for a while before cleaning myself up and putting on some loose fitting silky shorts, giving my genitals and arse hole plenty of ventilation after their wet and messy surroundings earlier.

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