A sevillan POOP

Last summer I went in Andalusia, Spain, for my annual summer break. Since I get there I could feel the effect of the hot weather on my stomach. Those 40°c were making me feel like a child who was always bursting for a poop. Except that, of course, it was not regular poop but each time a huge diarrheal. So I was not allowed to just go to the public restroom because I was obliged to clean up my ass at the hotel after I poop. When I went to Seville my hotel was 20 minutes’ bus separated from the center of the town and moreover I was constipated when I was trying to relive my self the morning before I get out of the hotel for the day. Each day my stomach was hurting me with all that poop which was held on it. It was sure for me that I will have some public poop accident in town.

I’ve spent 8 days in this town, the more closest days to the end of my journey were the hornists’ I’ve enjoyed for a while. During this trip I used to wear small shots, it was a heavy hot sun which was sinning in the hot Andalusian summer, and for the fun, only white immaculate short; that that make you very more attractive 😉

I was in town for about 7 hours at that time when I feel that I’ve a very urge to poop. In fact, I’ve feel it once before at brunch when I was eating some Starbucks’s cake in the morning but I wouldn’t get back to my hotel without visiting the town. Seville is a very huge and historical town with a lot of monuments to visit, and it will take you a very long time if you want to do that correctly. So it was around 5PM and I was really bursting for popping and it was an evidence, I was at the opposite of the town.

Me and my white short we started to walk across the small roads upon 4 kilometers when I’ve finally arrived to my bus stop, then I’ve waited and waited again for almost 10 minutes then I’ve boarded the bus and sate down. I’ve manage my self to avoid my poop to leak my white pants. Then the bus arrived and as I get out a heavy flow get down my small white under pants.

I was horny but I wasn’t thinking it would be obvious I’ve poop my pants until nobodies will be at less that a foot of me. So I walk to the enter of the palace, and then damn! That was the opening of the Spanish foot cup in Seville and there were the team, the press and the conference in my hotel. So there were a lot of people between me and the stairway. When I inter the hall I knew that some of them remind what I’ve done in my pants. And because of the security team I wasn’t allowed to reach my own room. Instead of that I went to a bathroom down stairs a close bar (it was only 6:30 PM) and look if there were any CCTV here. I was alone in the whole lavatory so I put my pants off in front of a huge mirror and while doing that I saw that there was poop between my legs and my sex (orange & wet of course) and the wet poop leave a brown skid mark in the back of my sort and across it. It’s make me more horny than before. I put my pants back, (it released more poop on it) and get up to the hall, cross it in my white poopie short and then wait for the elevator. Thanks I was alone but it was a glass elevator white an incredible view point on the hall . When I’ve board it off two were waiting I don’t know if there remind what I’ve done then I crossed a long corridor white a lot of CCTV.

I went to my room and my bathroom and put me naked then wank. After that I clean up myself then observe the aftermath Every bodies who see me would know what I’ve done white that fully poop white pants. I clean it the most I can in my bathroom and I wear it the next day

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  1. Some years ago when I was in Barcelona I had a dodgy tapas and discovered too late that I needed the toilet urgently. I made my way back to my hotel as fast as I could, feeling the pressure mounting in my lower bowel. By the time I got there and took the lift up to the bedroom I knew I was going to mess my pants. I normally wear white cotton briefs and that was what I was wearing that day. As I walked along the corridor to my room I could feel the poop beginning to work its way into the seat of my briefs. I managed to unlock the door and rushed straight for the toilet, but as i dropped my trousers I exploded into my underpants. I have never before or since had such an ample accident. My pants were completely full, right to the waist band and leaking down my legs. Although I managed to clean up by getting in the shower immediately afterwards, my pants were completely ruined and, once swilled out, had to be chucked in the bin.

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