A School trip

 Something that happened a few years ago 

Today, I woke up around 8 and started off with my daily “hurry” just as any other day;I took a quick shower; made myself some orange juice consummated it as fast as possible

After that I’d put some clothes on (and yes, in the same order I just said)

I grabbed light blue knickers, some tight jeans, a red top,

And a brown long sleeve jacket.


I said Melissa (roommate) goodbye. And as any other day; it started to rain very bad.

To be honest, I like rain because when it rains you will see or find out who people really are.

As for me: I couldn’t be bothered. Whether my hair is dry or wet life goes on whether you like it or not. Anyway I arrived at the bus stop and sat down on the bench.

I waited for about 5 min, which probably meant that the bus was delayed.

“Great” I said to myself. 

Finally with a 15 minute delay the bus arrived. I went in and took a seat at the back.


However being a bit later on school wasn’t really the thing where I was worrying about because I knew they would wait for me. No the only thing what bothered me was the fact that

I didn’t go  to the toilet. And since I predicted or more like “hoped”

That I would be early at school so I could use the bathroom before we left.


By now I didn’t need to go to the toilet but just because the fact I was thinking about it

I convinced my mind that I rather did need to go to the toilet without realising it.

I’d turn on my mp3 player and started to listen to music to get the “I need to pee” thinking off my mind. After 30 mins I arrived at school and just where I was afraid for: everyone was already waiting for me. So Bridget (friend/classmate) sprinted towards me and informed me that the driver didn’t want to wait any longer because of his tight schedule.

I responded: Actually I need to do a quick ****. She said: well lucky you there is a toilet within the bus. ( I was really relieved, because I knew we wouldn’t just stop for me needing to pee, and to be honest I am way too shy to tell anyone I needed to pee because it just doesn’t feel comfortable ) I took a seat in the back right (as always).


Anyway, after let’s say 15 minutes I noticed that I could barely hold my eyes open so I asked Bridget  how much longer we would have to drive, it was 1 and a half hour more she said.

So I decided to close my eyes for a bit. When I woke up I REALY had a bad urge to pee, so I squished and grabbed my crotch with both of my hands, it helped a bit but I could feel a small wet spot on my blue knickers, I glanced down to look at my jeans but there was nothing to see. I looked to my right and saw Bridget sleeping however she seemed very uncomfortable if I wasn’t sure she was asleep I would say that she needed a toilet very bad as well. Then my urge came back and a grabbed again, again it helped but a small squirt managed to escape and made my wet spot slightly bigger but luckily for me there was still nothing to see, Ohh if I could just go to the toilet without peeing in my pants but I was afraid that I would so I just stayed where I was and focussed on my bladder. When a few seconds later another bad urge came I was sure this was going to be very embarrassing in the end. So I grabbed my crotch went back and forth a couple of times and bounced up and down, still I felt a small but warm bit coming out of me and finding its way into my tight knickers, I squeezed again,, grabbed my crotch and I felt a small wet spot on my jeans in the middle of my crotch. I tried to not get the attention of other people in the bus, but they seemed too busy with themselves anyway.


So there I sat going back and forth with my had between my legs to prevent any further damage,, and for over the first 5 minutes ( which seem to take at least 30 ) the urge seem to slowly go away, by now to my notice Bridget was holding both of her hands between her legs and was breathing very fast. However I was doing very bad myself I felt I had to wake her without making too much noise so I tried to whisper a few times but it didn’t really seem to work. So That left me with only one option left, so I concentrated for moment and grabbed once again with my right hand, right after that I removed my left hand very slowly and poked Bridget on her upper arm. She woke up in an instant removed her hands and as I was looking at her crotch she gasped for air, leaned forward and pushed both of her hands between her legs, Looking at her face, I could tell she wasn’t doing very well I would have sworn that just a few squirts escaped out of her into her panties and created a small but visible wet spot on her skinny jeans, she removed her hands to confirm the wet spot she felt.. I thought it would be smaller, but in fact it was quite big and if she would take the run for the toilet she would definitely not go unnoticed. Her eyes began to fill with tears, I wanted to hug her but I was most certain that if I did I could not keep control of my bladder and would completely wet my jeans & seat, dilemma!! I had to act fast because I could feel the urge coming back and saw my friend Bridget having the same problem, we both squished and grabbed our crotch as hard as we could to avoid furthermore leaking, as we did we looked at each other and however we were in a quite awkward situation we smiled at each other for about 2 seconds. Directly after

That the bus driver pulled over towards a gas station, but because of the breaks me and Bridget had to remove one hand from our crotch to hold on to our seats and not fall on the floor, with the consequence of less pressure on my crotch thus I started to leak and for over 3 seconds the warm pee gushed very consequent out of me and found itself a way down, completely soaking my blue knickers and jeans but this wasn’t the worst thing, due to my leather seat a puddle of pee appeared on my seat and started dripping on the floor, different of emotions/ thoughts flashed through my mind. On the one hand I was so embarrassed, Therefore I turned red as a beet, but on the other hand I was so relieved and it felt so good that I just relaxed myself and let it happen as this was going on my vagina squirted the last bits of pee out of me, a few seconds later I realized what actually just happened,. I glanced at Bridget to see how she was doing. well she was definitely crying and tears rolled down her cheeks, “I couldn’t hold it” she said, “Oh I’m so embarrassed”  “don’t be” I said, as we started talking about it people noticed the puddle of liquid beneath our seats and started to make assumptions and started mumbling about that we probably had wet our pants, I was still red,


 Lucy ( another friend of mine) noticed and came to us “what happened?” she asked, well it was kind of obvious, 1 girl as red as a beet, 1 with tears in her eyes, both a wet crotch and a puddle of liquid below our seat. So however I found this question rather stupid I gave her the answer she expected;”we’ve wet our pants” “Did you?” she stated. I rolled my eyes, “look it was an accident, a very bad accident okay”- she smiled, “alright girls” and went back to her seat.

A few minutes’ later people finally stopped mumbling.


As Bridget and I got our thoughts together she asked me for a plan of action.

I said that we had two options left; or we would stay in the bus all day and try to entertain us by ourselves, or we could just enter the theme park go in the water slide hoping we get wet and let ourselves dry in the sun. That last idea seemed pretty exiting however I didn’t think I had to guts to do that, but sitting in the buss all day when it’s 30 degrees out there is not really much fun so I’d thought we made a good choice by just entering the theme park with our soaked jeans. As we walked in we noticed that people were staring at us and whispering about the possible reasons why we are wandering around in completely soaked jeans.


We bought a map in the shop and looked for the water slide; it was all the way on the other side of the theme park, bad luck for us. However I was still very embarrassed about the whole situation, I was very proud that I did what I did and I felt actually pretty good about it, Brit on the other hand still wasn’t doing quite well, she was very quiet, barely said a word.


It took us about 20 minutes to go to the other end of the park, once we saw the water slide and the QUE because there was a big one, on the screen it said 1 and a half hour estimating time.


“Hello?! Anybody home?” I kind of woke up from my thoughts and noticed that it was almost our turn to try out the water slide.


The young guy who was operating the whole thing looked at me and smiled, we got in the log which we had to share with 2 other girls. I would say the brunette is cutest of the both, her hair reached her shoulders, was wearing a white jeans and high heels (I don’t understand how people manage to walk on them) yes she is really gorgeous, her friend was much taller than her and had long blonde hair, light blue jeans, a yellow top and a pink sweater.


They took a seat behind us and the brunette said; “Thanks for taking the first seats because you will get completely soaked!” I wanted to reply as normal as I could but Bridget already answered before I said what I wanted to say “I’m not afraid of getting a little wet!”

We looked at each other and smiled, at this very moment I wanted to kiss Bridget, I don’t know it’s just a funny feeling inside which was hard and still is hard to explain, it looked like that we stared at each other for a while after that she’d put her arm around my waist and said “hang on”- as the lift got us up, the brunette said “So you’d enjoy the water slide then don’t you?” (She’d probably seen our wet jeans) but again before I could say anything Bridget spoiled the whole thing by saying “Actually no, this is our first time here what bout you two?”

There was a precise 2 second delay between the question and their answer; “Oh, yeah I do like it especially when it’s as hot as today, so I can cool down dry in the sun and start all over again” the blond girl nodded. As we reached the top, Bridget grabbed my hand and whispered,, Ohh help this is going to be so scary I have never done anything like it, “Just hold my hand very tight and you’ll be fine” I said. “You’re the best!” I giggled, as we reached the apex I stroked around her waist and we went down, we all ended up screaming on the way down, we splashed in the water and as those girls said we we’re totally wet from top to bottom, which was what we hoped for of course. 

A few hours later 

I looked at Brit to see how she was doing, I could see that she needed because she was changing the positions of her legs every 2 seconds.After about 10 minutes of giggling between the both the bus arrived.

We got in, and saw to our surprise that the bus was empty so we took a seat at the back,

Brit sat down next to the right window and I sat down next to her Amanda took place next to me and Carmen Next to her. As soon as we started to drive Brit Started bouncing up and down, not really like a moron but it was noticeable, she noticed this and stopped, but this wasn’t a very good idea because, now she relaxed her bladder and I could hear a small Shh…. She stood up and I could see a small wet spot on the back of her white jeans, which made me able to see her black knickers. Though it was nothing compared to what I had earlier today. “And you’re finished?” I said, she nodded, though I didn’t believe her.

So I’d started to tickle her she started laughing out loud and begged me to stop, “Please, or else I pee my pants” I didn’t stop and I swear I heard another shhh sound, this time she was leaning to the back of her set with her legs up, So you could see how the spurt of hot pee went right through her black knickers and white jeans, her pee formed a puddle on her seat

when she was finished peeing she started bouncing up and down in her own puddle of pee, I jumped from the seat avoiding that her pee would reach my seat. At the very same moment a small squirt escaped from my bladder into my panties it wasn’t much but still. So I pretended that nothing happened and looked at Brit she winked me as Amanda sat down on her seat. “I was just pretending I needed to pee, I’ve set this up with Carmen”,, “you liar!!” I said

“I do need to go though”,, “same” I said, we can go at my place we’re nearly there. She nodded, now Amanda took her bag and grabbed some black knickers and a blue miniskirt, “no no not here” I said. But she took off her heels and her soaked white well more yellow now but anyway she put on her miniskirt then took off her black knickers she was wearing, and eventually put clean black knickers on. A smile afterwards and he took a seat in front of Carmen. I sat there with my mouth open and watched the scene. Oh this is uor stop she said, “A shame I lost, you were a good match” See ya later.

That was the last time I’ve seen the small brunette whom was completely care-less towards what other people thought of her.


Anyway back on track, Brit and I were only 15 minutes away from my house but I was in an almost desperate situation I just thought I’d let some pee escape for relieve but I left that option until I didn’t have any other odds. I asked Brit how she was doing,

Now she sat on her heel and was rubbing and squeezing her crotch with her right hand and the left one on her bladder. “Don’t think I will make it” she told me. I have a plan I said, What if we just let some pee go, then we might be able to make it to the bathroom.

“I think if I’ll do that I’ll piss my pants completely!”

“We don’t have any other choice do we now?” So I’d put my left hand on my bladder and pressed on it, damn my bladder was full.

I pushed again as I’d put some pressure on it and a small radius of pee came out first two drips and then a small spurt followed, Because of the big/fast squirt that just came out of me  I thought it would have gone straight through my knickers and formed a wet spot on my butt but it wasn’t that bad however my whole vagina was soaked with pee, which was a funny feeling. I regained my control, “Just let some go” I said to Brit. “I’ll try and relax”


I will do my best to describe this as best as I can; she leaned towards the back of her seat, lifted up her legs and put her feet on the seat, she closed her eyes and mumbled a bit,

She groaned, she looked so attractive at the moment I couldn’t resist not touching her so

I placed my hand between her bladder and her crotch. She groaned again, then I felt some pressure against my hand and a rather hot and big squirt followed, however it was just 1 squirt; just like me she had a visible wet sport with the size of a peanut butter cap on her jeans. “Much better she said”

We checked each other’s back to see if there was a wet spot to see but it wasn’t too bad.


Finally the bus arrived at our stop and we got out, we laughed and told each other that we were still quite desperate for a toilet still. We decided to walk instead of running because it might put too much pressure on our bladders. It was only a 5 minute walk but when you are desperate for a toilet every second is 1 too many. However, the walk went pretty smooth and before we realized we were already at my place, now I just had to open the door and dash for the toilet. But my keys…. I knew Melissa wouldn’t be home yet because she had to work late.


Brit sat down on the ground as I was acting like a moron trying to find my keys,

Then I realised, in my back pocket so I reached for it and BINGO, in my excitement they slipped out of my hand and felt on the floor.

Bah, ( life is beautiful, only too bad that it’s in love with someone else). So I bend forward, and tried to slowly pick up the keys and move slowly back up again, however that last bit went a bit faster than my bladder could take so

I started leaking pee, I pushed my right hand in my crotch as hard as I could, crossed my legs and while bouncing up and down I tried to unlock the door, well if that isn’t multitasking I’m the Queen of England!


Well it finally opened, I looked at Brit and she told me I could make a run for it and she’ll wait till I am done,

So I unzipped/unbuttoned my jeans which lowered the pressure, and counted till 3 and made the dash; through the living room, hallway up the stairs, this was the hardest part and I could feel myself slowly wetting my knickers, and finding its way down my legs.

I didn’t care; I just kept on running to the toilet. Once I got there I’d stop leaking.

 I took off my jeans and shoes sat down on the toilet pushed with my left hand on m bladder and let it go, A big spurt came out went straight through my panties into the toilet, I kept on peeing for like 15 seconds.


I was so relieved, but because of this I almost forgot about Brit being desperate outside, Oops!

I hung my jeans over the bath tub and walked down the stairs with my soaked panties which was still dripping pee. There she stood on the doormat with both of her hands between her legs

“Can I?” Sure, go for it! (I knew she wouldn’t make it but,) she dashed upstairs. After 10 seconds I followed to check out the damage, I knocked on the door, “Yeah?” ,”May I come in?” ,”Err sure, whatever” to my notice she didn’t even made a run for the toilet, because she was standing in my bath tub with completely soaked jeans. “Sorry” I laughed it’s okay, want to go for a shower with me to clean our self up? “Sure, but I don’t have any spare clothes with me though” Just grab some of mine I said. She smiled, I’d put on the shower and stood underneath it. “Aren’t you going to take these off?” she hinted. I winked at her and slowly took my knickers off and threw them in the bath tub. “Your turn” I dared, she took off her black knickers and threw it next to mine.


She joined me underneath the shower .

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