A Really Crappy Place to Fish

I’d been out on the beach in my 4×4 pickup for a couple of hours and the fish just weren’t co-operating. I’d caught one skate, and most of my bait was being taken by crabs. To top things off, I was starting to have stomach cramps. I was going to have to head back to the camp ground soon, or go on the beach. Well, that’s an idea, I could just go in my pants. It wasn’t like there were a lot of people out there. I could see about a mile in each direction, and I couldn’t see another 4×4 in sight. I stood up a,d proceeded to load my pants with soft poop.. When I was done, I reeled my lines in and walked down current about 50 yards before I waded out to about waist deep and lowered my pants. I rinsed most of the mess out of my underpants and pulled them back up. Just as I got back and picked up my surf rod, I saw anothyer 4×4 trucki heading my way. I was standing in the water deep enough that the waves were washing over my shorts as they broke when the other truck pulled up and stopped. The guy driving it got out and asked, “catching anything”?  I answered, “no, I’m just about to pack it in and go back to the camp ground, itrs a really “crappy” place to fish. Of course he didn’t know I meant it literally.

When I got back, I used the camper shower to ckean up and put my stained underpants in my laundry that I planned on washing at the camp Laundromat later that evening.

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