A real problem for me!!!

This happend 1 week ago. I got hit by a football in the pennis. The hit was so painful that I couldn’t even stand up. However the hit was very serious and it was paining all day.
The next day onwards the problem began. Earlier I had a big bladder . As I mentioned before I became horny when I used to think about pee but that problem stopped when I was 8 th grade. The next day I couldn’t feel my pennis . I mean I couldn’t but the problem was solved pretty quick in about a minute but after that , I had no idea that this would happen to me. I drank the water in the morning to get an urge of poop about 2 glass of water.
After 1 min i could feel an urge.
After 5 min the pain became unbearable and I had to go to the bathroom before going to jogging.
I usually would drink this water go to jogging then comeback bursting to poop and go Straight to the bathroom. However it changed.
How did that happen I can’t hold my pee even for 6 min??
I was confused. However I continued my day . I drank 2 glass of water and went to jog. It was a good jog but I usually jog 25 m and then return home when I started jogging it was nothing. However after 10 m I felt the urge to pee I completed the jog bursting to pee and went Straight to the bathroom.it was a bad day for me as my brother went inside before me .
He takes a long time to poop. I banged at the door telling him to come out fast and he said wait a minute the pain became soo strong that I couldn’t move . I managed to get to a bed near the bathroom and I just gave up. Soon my pants started to leak. Everything came out . I just peed myself sitting in the bed . There was a huge puddle of pee with my wet clothes. I was so embarrassed at that point . I can’t hold my pee even for 2 hours!! I just took a cloth and wiped it as it would not be right to leave the pee stain. This problem is still there with me now!! I usually pee myself every day. ( Not on purpose ) the doctor said that my bladder needs to repair and it will take another year!!!
Is this a good thing or a bad thing can u guys comment down below!!plz i wanna know!

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  1. This is a good thing. Just wear a diaper & rubber pants & pee all day long. Rubber sheet the bed & sleep & pee all night.

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