A real bed accident

The story about bedwetters at boarding school make me remember my first bed soaking.  I was never a chronic bedwetter. But one morning I had a large accident in my pj bottoms.  On that occasion, I was 13.  It was a Sunday morning; I had slept in and it was 10ish AM.  The first waking sensation was my piss filled dick (I had not gotten up to piss during the night) complete with morning piss boner throbbing in my plaid pj bottoms (parents didn’t like us sleeping nude).  I also shared a room with a 12 y.o. brother.  I was about to get out of bed to use the only toilet in the home when I heard the water running in the bathroom and remembered that one of my older sisters usually takes a bath on Sunday mornings.  I decided to try to fall back asleep. 45 minutes later I woke up again to hear someone  using in the bathroom.  Now my dick was really throbbing with morning piss.  I tried quietly pinching my dick in the pj fronts (I didnt want to wake up brother up either in the upper bunk).  Another ten agonizing minutes of pinching passed when I could feel my piss starting up the shaft.  I decided to careful and let just a leak a small squirt out in order to buy me more time; so I bunched up some of the pj material around the tip of my dick. The first wave of thick yellow urine crawled up my dick shaft and into the material in what seemed like a slot motion event.   It felt like I leaked for maybe 3-4 seconds before I was able to stop the flow; but, when I felt my pj bottoms the wet spot was at least 6 inches big in front.  I felt another bladder juice spasm coming and I quickly wrapped more dry pj bottom material and I could feel the big morning load crawling up my shaft once again. The senation of the piss stream spraying out my shaft and tip felt too good and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer and I just let the spasm continue which had been going now for over 10 seconds.   I laid there and just peed and peed and peed in my pj bottoms.  By now the warm thick stream was flooding my pj was flowing over my balls.  I could hear the force of my morning stream and was afraid of waking my  brother in the upper bunk.   But it felt too good to stop and there was no strength in my dick to stop it.  When the stream subsided, I could smell the yellow aroma spreading under my body.  The only thing that saved me humiliation that day was a towel by the bed that I had used for my shower the previous night. When I heard the bathroom free up, I wraped the towel around my soaked crotch and went to the bathroom.  To prevent discovery, I thru the pjs in the shower to soak them with the shower stream and I could just say they accidentally got in the shower.  Luckily I know how to do laundry a that and avoided detection of my bed.

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  2. Nice description. You were probably too nervous at the time, but I hope you had a good wank for the experience when you felt more relaxed! How old were you when you realised that pissing made you sexually aroused?

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  4. I pee the bed every night & really enjoy the warm piss flow out of my body. Especially in the morning.

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