A quiet pants poop

This was one of those days. I woke up needing to shit, and I didn’t want to waste it in the toilet, which seems to happen a lot lately thanks to my household being as crazy as it is. As I laid there in the bed, I pushed little farts and played with my hard cock that kept standing up at the thoughts of a pants poop. I had on underwear and shorts initially, and later a pair of sweatpants. The sweatpants went on during the night at some point because it’s getting cooler here and we’re saving a few bucks before putting the heat on.

I farted again this time it was a long stinky one. Every time I farted, the urge became stronger, and my cock stiffened every time I pushed a fart into my pants. I had no intention of messing then and planned to let everything remain as is until later, but I had to keep adjusting myself. Man I wanted to shit! I really couldn’t help it.

I relaxed and settled back into a doze then farted again and couldn’t help push some out. The pressure was too much now to hold back. Out came a good sized ass turtle that I squished down to paper thin against my backside and underwear and into my crack.

A bit later I got up and put on my jeans over my shorts. The ass turtle is still in the underwear and I’m sitting in my office chair now working on what may be one of the best poops in a while!

Man am I hard too. I can’t wait until I’m done!

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  1. Yes I agree. I love to hold the farts in too for as long as I can then finally let them out when the time comes to finally let out the poop, push it along with the farts. It’s awesome!

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