A phone call from add90…

Me and add90 are of a similar age and we got talking months ago. In short we’re going to have the hottest and kinkiest weekend in a few weeks time and it will be awesome. As I was on the phone with him sorting out the details and talking dirty, him in no clothes and a hard on and me in bed bursting for a pee… I gave him 3 options: 1 – I could pee in the toilet, 2- dribble in bed or 3 – go for a walk around my busy estate at 21:30… I’m sure you can all guess what he went for 😉

So with him on the end of the phone I put on my tight boxers and my jeans and set off into the night and the well lit street of my estate. I talked him through what I could see and he gave me direction based on what I saw. I managed to walk through the to the end of the estate and into a field when the first couple of “let it go” and “stop” words came through. Naturally I did what I was told. With a couple of patches appearing where my semi-hard dick was pressing against my jeans.

So I walked on to the barn and he said “let it all go” and I said, “well I need to poo, plus I’m still bursting and I could always poo first and then see what you have in mind.” Add90 said sure and so I pushed out a nugget of softish poo into my boxers, enough to feel it squishing and bouncing in my trousers.

Then I said “So what now, full release or a wander into the estate?” “estate” was the reply… So off I went, giving Add90 the lay of the land and him telling me “here/now” “let it go” and “stop” and sometimes he chose the naughtier option i.e under the light or on the main road as well as keeping me in the shadows. I went along main roads, on well-lit paths, dark paths, past houses, garages all over the estate….

Needless to say that with all the stopping and starting it was showing up quite badly on my jeans (see last pic upload) so we went back towards my house, where Add90 said “not yet” and so I went over the road and behind a block of flats to the railway where he said “an you let it all go???” and I released. No joke about 5 mins of peeing, my jeans were so soaked they looked like they were supposed to be dark blue rather than light blue haha. (FYI the whole thing took about 35-45mins)

Well you can see in my pics the aftermath :p Add90 apparently had been hard the whole time and blew a massive load, and it had been a first for both of us doing it so publically on my side and him being the one pulling the shots…. needless to say the weekend when he’s down here is going to be epic!!

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  1. What a cool story….it got me hard just imagining you doing that as you walked around. The mere possibility of being seen must have made your heart pound in your chest.

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