A Perfect Sunday (Part 2)

Right on cue, a small fart bubbles out of you, as well as moans from the both of us. The dirty smell permeates through the air and I’m falling in love with you all over again. As more farts slip out, you turn around, bend over, and push my head to your ass (not that I need any encouragement). A hot, brown, absolutely disgusting mass slowly crawls out of your asshole and settles into your soaked, used-to-be-white boxer briefs, filling my nose with the foulest of odors. I can’t get enough! I push my whole face into your ass, squishing some back into your asshole and spreading it up and down your filthy crack. The squishy mess seeps through the fabric and brown juice coats my face. You keep pushing the stuff out of your asshole, making it flow steadily out the leg holes and onto the bed. I swoop it up immediately and spread it on my tits. You turn around to see me licking my dirty nipple. I crinkle my nose at the taste, but I suck my fingers in delight when my tits are clean anyway.

You push me down and kiss me, tasting your own waste. I reach my hand under and stroke your filled underwear, pushing your shit to coat your balls. I finally slip your absolutely ruined boxer briefs off so I can smack your beautiful bare ass. You moan and grunt, and start biting my neck as you slide my drenched underwear off. “Sit on me,” I demand ravenously, and you do exactly what you’re told like a good boy. You sit directly on my revealed, dripping pussy and push more gooey shit out while you rub some on your cock. The beautiful sight of your lumpy, squishy, brown shit gushing out, and of your shit –covered dick, and of the warm, smelly stickiness oozing onto my cunt… ughh, you filthy boy! It sends me over the edge! I violently shake and squirt my juices all over your asshole and balls, making an even bigger mess!

But you’re not done with me. You slide off and stand on your knees to slap your cock on my squirting pussy, and I can feel your shit drip into my cunt. You grab your dirty dick and push it into my bubbling cunt. Another round of quakes and shivers erupts in me as you pound my filthy pussy with your shit-covered dick, harder and harder and faster until your throat growls a loud grunt in my ear and your body bucks and ropes upon ropes of your cum shoot deep into my cunt, which makes me come violently one more time.

We lay there panting, absolutely drenched in all kinds of delicious bodily fluids, for a long time. I let myself piss all over ourselves, re-soaking the bed with warmth. Eventually you roll off and kiss me passionately until we both fall asleep in our mess.

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  1. Oooooo – that was so close to my own personal fantasy it felt like you were in my head! If you ever are looking for a willing partner….

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