A Perfect Sunday (Part 1)

The mid-morning sun shines through the window as we lie in bed, stripped all the way down to our underwear, watching mindless television. This is what we plan to do all day; we’ve earned this laziness from working hard all week. 

I’m drifting in and out of sleep when I hear a trickling sound. I look over at you and my jaw drops. You’re wetting yourself, and you’re fully aware of it! Not only are you fully aware of it, but you’re enjoying it! You’re grabbing your semi-hard cock through your boxer briefs and staring me right in the eye with a very slight, yet very naughty grin on your face. Light yellow piss is soaking your underwear, making it translucent enough for me to see your cock. Piss flows through onto the bed and spreads quickly over my way. But I don’t get angry when I feel the warmth of the wetness touching the naked skin of my back and soaking through my white boyshorts, not at all. In fact, I feel a small shiver of excitement when the aroma of the piss reaches my nose, and my underwear gets even wetter as my pussy gushes juice. I stay completely still, though my hand inches toward my damp pussy through my underwear to explore the feeling of wet fabric on my clit.

You grin wider when you realize I’m actually turned on, and you pull your dick out and continue pissing, but onto your stomach. I watch with wide eyes as your happy trail dampens, then your chest hair, then… you piss into your own wide open mouth, never taking your eyes off me, gulping every drop down. A slight moan escapes between swallows, making my pussy gush again.

The stream stops, and you get to your knees to stand in front of me. It’s a beautiful site: piss dripping down your body and soaking into your boxer briefs that outline your now extremely hard, long, thick cock, with large, warm puddles settling around your legs. Mesmerized, I sit up so that your cock is right in my face. Before I realize what I’m doing, my hands grab your warm, wet ass and I push your soaked underwear to my mouth, rubbing my lips all over your piss soaked cock. I rather like the pungent, acrid taste, so I suck and suck your cock through the fabric, occasionally giving it a very light nibble from time to time. You try to hold in your moans, but they escape anyway, until you push me away, whip your cock out, and after a small moments’ hesitation to push, a heavy stream of piss flows all over my hair and face. I open my mouth wide to taste the hot bubbling bitterness; it feels phenomenal as it trickles down my shoulders, caresses my 34DD (not lying here) tits, and down my stomach to my now aching, dripping pussy. I almost cry when the stream ebbs to a stop. You grab my jaw a little roughly and kiss me deep and hard, sucking your piss off my tongue. “More,” I plead, as you draw back for air…

(To be continued…)

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