A Pee in the Sand Dunes

There was a time when I was much younger that I used to walk down to the beach and go up into the sand dunes for a quiet time of sun-baking. As so often happened, I enjoyed the feeling of peeing in my swimmers and feeling the pee run down between my legs.

One day, after I had wet my swimmers and I was lying on my back with my eyes closed,  a shaddow passed over me. I opened my eyes to see a man standing next to me and looking down at me. He asked me straight if I had peed myself and I told him that I had. He then knelt down beside me and pretended to brush some sand off my stomach. Then he put his hand down the front of my pants until I could feel a finger entering into my ass hole. He asked me if I would poop myself as well. His finger was still on my ass-hole when he told me to push some poo into my swimmers.

I was a little bit afraid of this guy, so I said that I would try. Pooping in my pants was also nothing new to me, as I often did that, washing it off in the sea before walking home. I started to push and could feel that there was some poo ready to come out. His hand was still at my ass-hole, so I told him that I was able to poop. He told me to carry on, so I pushed a lump into my pants. He took hold of my poo and dragged it up around my penis. Pulling the front of my pants down, he started stroking me until I had an erection, all covered in poo by now. After I had shot my load, he stretch out on the sand next to me and asked me if I would like to see him wet and poop his swimmers. There was no need to reply, as I saw his pee darkening the fabric of his swimmers. I was surprised when he bent his knees up and then saw a bulge form in his swimmers as he pushed a fair size load into his pants.

We both lay there feeling each other’s deeds before getting up to run down into the surf.

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  1. Very hot story! Is it really true?
    I think my "wet" experiences started on the beach when I was young…

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