A Peculiar Couple (Part 1)

Peter looked into his bathroom mirror, making sure one last time that his appearance was up-to-par before he left. He made sure his short, brown hair was just the right amount of messy, making sure it went well with the button-up flannel shirt he was wearing, checking if his grey skinny jeans matched his shirt and complimented his slender, six foot frame, and adjusted the snug, grey briefs with the white trim and waistband that he had on under it all. Today was going to be his third date with Kyle, and he wanted to be sure that he got everything right if this date were to end up the way he’d hoped it would.
Satisfied, he grabbed his water bottle and got ready to head for the door. He gave one last check of the text message just to be sure of the time and which movie theater to be at before heading to the bus stop.
“Huh, strange,” he thought to himself as he put on his white sneakers and walked out his front door, realizing only just now after double-checking that he had gotten the theaters mixed up, and that his destination was actually a good 40 minutes away instead of the theater nearest to him. He figured that it shouldn’t be an issue, though. He already planned to be pretty early, though he’d be cutting it a bit close. he thought about sending Kyle a warning text, but figured he was fine as it were.
He took a decently large drink from his water bottle as he reached the bus stop and as he did, he realized that he had forgotten to take a leak back at the house as he was getting ready. The water bottle was about ⅔ full since he got home from work, but unlike usual in his nerves and excitement he’d already drank the full 20oz twice throughout his day. He hadn’t gone to the toilet since that first morning piss and felt a faint twinge in his bladder, a certain fullness lingering behind it, though very distant. Again, he figured it shouldn’t be a problem. He could always just use the theater restroom before the movie started. He’d rather wait than risk not making it back to the bus in time, given that the next one would be a full half hour away which he now couldn’t afford.
He put the thought away as he saw the bus round the corner and approach his stop. He got on, sending Kyle one last “omw <3” text as he shuffled towards the back of the bus. It wasn’t too full, but full enough that he’d have to stand. His face very subtly contorted at realizing how long he’d likely be standing, given the distance he hadn’t planned for.
The ride was largely uneventful, but standing the whole time highlighted all the sensations he felt rushing through his body. The tension he felt, subtly pulling at his nerves in excitement, the butterflies and lightness he felt at thinking about seeing him again, the vibrations coursing through him thinking that tonight might be the night he would see that 5’10 frame standing naked above him, as he lay sprawled out on his mattress, his hands reaching up and running through his coarse, dirty blonde hair as they kissed, the release of tension as everything came to fruition as he let go and pissed…..
Right! He remembered having to go to the bathroom. So maybe not quite all of that energy and tension was JUST nerves. Come to think of it, as the bus came closer to his destination, he also realized he was coming closer to that pressure that felt oh-so-far away earlier. And let me tell you did it look much, much bigger up close. He kinda grimaced, subtly shifting his weight to the other foot as he took another drink of his water to calm his nerves a bit. The bottle was down to about a third left of its contents, and he kept drinking more to keep his nerves under control as the bus reached the ¾ mark on its route towards the theater. He’d be fine, if a bit uncomfortable. He’d just use the theater restrooms while they were there.
He finished his water bottle as he pulled the cord and the bus came to a stop across the street from the theater parking lot. Tossing the bottle in the bin on the way out, he reached for his phone to let Kyle know he’d arrived. He knew from before to look for the 5’10”, slightly average build (equal parts muscle and flab) and short dirty blonde hair amongst the bustling crowd, and the vibration of his phone alerted him to also look for a grey deep-v-neck, light blue skinny jeans, and black vans.
He debated for a moment whether he should meet first or go visit the restroom and relieve himself before finding him; he realized he had to go a LOT worse than he’d thought, and already he could feel the tension behind his teeth. However, his decision was made for him when he spotted the blue eyes he was looking for about ten feet away. He watched them look up from his phone and then light up as they made eye-contact. He quickly walked up and went in for a hug. Peter blushed at the unexpected squeeze and the peck on his cheek where Kyle kissed him without warning. He felt a pang go through his penis and bladder from the added pressure. Okay, maybe he really had to go.
“Come on, we’re almost late! I already got us each a large soda and a popcorn to share” Kyle grabbed Peter's hand and started towards the theater in the back. Peter was too taken aback by how adorable Kyle was being to say anything about the pressing need in his groin, and followed along.
Initially, Peter expected to find a moment in the movie to get up to leave and use the restroom, but found himself far too engrossed as he fidgeted in his seat. Engrossed enough that he’d drank his entire 36 oz cola by about halfway through it.
“Huh, I wonder why I’ve been drinking so many fluids tod-” he thought to himself, only for his thought to be interrupted by a sudden realization. Not only had he consumed so many fluids, the reason he had to pee so bad wasn’t just because he forgot to pee after work, but he’d forgotten to that morning as well, as he’d gotten up late and left before he had the chance to. Realizing this brought his full attention to how full of urine he was. His back teeth had pretty much been floating when he walked into the theater, and now he’d added a full 36 oz of soda on top if that.
As engrossed as he was despite his squirming, he almost just gave up and left for the restroom, but remembered just how badly Kyle wanted him to see this movie. And Kyle was right, he sure was hooked. He’d have to squirm his way just through to the end of the movie, then he’d be free to relieve himself, and piss away all that build-up to his heart’s desire.
Meanwhile, Kyle had noticed in his periphery that Peter seemed to fidget and bounce uncomfortably. He glanced over to see what was wrong to realize: Oh my God, Peter has to go pee!!! Peter hadn’t noticed Kyle glancing at him, and Kyle looked back down at his feet, smiling and blushing. My god, he was so into the movie that he wasn’t gonna go to the bathroom and hadn’t noticed Kyle looking at him! He blushed harder. This had to be one of the most adorable things he could’ve seen tonight, as if Peter couldn’t possibly get any cuter to him. This date was making him so infatuated he didn’t know what to do with himself.
Peter continued his struggle to hold on to his piss through to the end of the movie, and almost leapt up when the credits began to roll, when Kyle grabbed his hand.
“Wait, I know you have to pee, but there’s one more scene at the end of the credits,” he said
Peter blushed, suddenly realizing that his desperation was obvious enough for Kyle to notice without him even saying anything. He sat back down, dejected. He was so close!
Still, after ten minutes of pulling, squirming, and grinding, he was free to go potty his heart away. He practically leapt up from his chair, one hand firmly and rhythmically grabbing and squeezing at himself through his jeans and briefs and made his brisk walk to the front of the lobby where the restrooms were located. Rounding the corner, he was stopped in his tracks, ready to piss his brains out, only to be met with the last thing he wanted right now:
“Closed Due to Emergency Maintenance”
Fuck! He had to pee, good God he had to piss more than he’d ever had to fucking piss in his life, at least since that time he pissed his pants back in 9th grade. He looked around, trying to find the nearest person in a nametag. He found young guy he could at least tell was an employee.
“Hey, can you tell me how long they might be in the Men’s room?”
The guy looked up at him, and glanced at the sign. “Oh yeah, sorry bud but it’s gonna be a little while. A couple pipes burst and left a fountain spraying everywhere. You shoulda seen the puddle in there, a couple seconds and it was running all down the place like a river, totally flooded; it’s too much of a safety hazard to let anyone in there right now. Sorry, bud,”
Peter gazed on in defeat, shifting from one foot to the other, bending his knees back one at a time as the young worker resumed his business and Kyle caught up with him again. Kyle saw the sign and put his arm around Pete, giving him a loving and sympathetic look.
“Listen, don’t worry about it. Let’s just get in my car and head back to your place. You think you can hold it that long?”
Peter gave an uneasy look. He was on the verge of spurting into his pants as it were, let alone sitting in a car for another 40 minutes.
“Come on, it’s alright if you don’t. Let’s just get in the car and get out of here.” Kyle leaned in and planted a comforting kiss on Peter. He could feel him shaking with his arms wrapped around him, and grabbed his free hand to walk him back to the car.
Those last words echoed in Peter’s head. “It’s alright if you don’t.” Did he mean what Peter thought he meant? He wasn’t ready to believe it, but he couldn’t help but feel comfort and reassurance wash over him at the possibility that it really DID mean… that…
As they reached Kyle’s car, they stopped outside the passenger door. Kyle leaned in for a kiss, and their lips met, his tongue sliding its way into Peter’s mouth, carressing him and sliding around his for a brief moment before exiting as Kyle walked around to the driver’s side door. He hoped that might give Peter some reassurance, and it did.
While the kiss somehow both made his heart race and calmed his nerves simultaneously, the sensation was short-lived. While he was waiting for Kyle to get in and unlock his door, he spurted. The spurt was just the one instant, but it was followed by a tail of dribbling. His briefs were wet and saturated with a gentle warmth, something he could barely feel as his penis was nearly numb by now. He was about to start peeing his pants.
He got in and sat down as soon as the door was unlocked. What the hell was he gonna do? He’d already lost a bit and still had a 40 minute drive. There was no way he’d heard Kyle correctly and that he would be okay with him pissing his pants in the car. He wouldn’t believe it until he heard the words specifically.
“Hang in there, we’re alone now and it shouldn’t be long,” Kyle said gently, patting Peter’s shaking shoulder as they pulled out of the parking lot. At this point Peter couldn’t stop bouncing up and down, shaking and shuddering as he rocked his knees back and forth, rhythmically slamming his thighs together, hand buried into his moist crotch. Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta piss, gonna piss…
“I guess I’ll have to try,” Peter responded half-heartedly. Having already leaked, he didn’t feel too optimistic. Honestly it wasn’t the possibility of pissing himself that was so unbearable, if it came to it he would be alright with it so long as he had the privilege of being alone to wet his pants and not be seen until he was clean and dry again. He just didn't want to embarrass himself in public or with his date.
“Have you leaked at all yet?” Kyle asked, the question piercing through Peter's blushing ears. He froze up not knowing what to say; he wasn’t ready to admit that he had been dribbling in his underwear, or that he’d already released a good spurt accidentally. His face felt hot as he blushed in embarrassment, but his silence told Kyle all he needed to know.
“Hey, I already told you it’s alright. I don’t want you to be embarrassed of your body, or to be in pain. If you feel like you can’t make it, that’s okay.” There was a brief silence, after which he followed with a suggestion. “If it’s too much, just pee your pants a bit. After a few seconds, it’ll be hard to cut off but if you do, it’ll feel way better, at least for a while.” Peter looked at him in disbelief.
“Are… you sure?” he had to be absolutely certain Kyle was serious. He first responded with a gentle, sympathetic smile.
“Listen. I will never judge or look down on you for something like that. If you need to go to the bathroom, can’t find one, and end up going in your pants, that’s okay. There’s no shame in that. Everybody has accidents, and it’s better to just pee your pants or fill your pants than to hurt yourself and struggle all for some silly pride. So please, if you have to have an accident around me, I’ll always be okay with it. I’ll never judge you or tell anyone. I’ve done it too a few times. Don’t be ashamed, even if you have to mess yourself. There’s no shame in messy drawers. Okay?”
Peter was completely taken aback by such kindness, his eyes nearly welling-up with tears. It couldn’t come at a better time too, as while Kyle was talking he had uncontrollably felt another spurt audibly rush out of him, followed by another dribble of relieving warmth. The pee was now visible on his jeans from the outside. He was gonna wet his pants.
“I… Thank you… I don’t know what to say,” he panted out. As he did, the freeway traffic suddenly slowed to a stop. Fuck! Both had forgotten that there was massive construction on the highway. This trip was gonna take a LOT longer than 40 minutes.
“Okay,” Peter thought to himself. “Just give yourself three seconds. Just let it go and pee on yourself for three seconds, then clamp it shut. That should hold you over.”
Peter stopped moving. He held his breath for a second, then sighed. It took less than two seconds. He started to go pee. He felt his foreskin gently vibrate as urine rushed out of him, warming the area surrounding his now numb crotch. He was so full that even while peeing, relief didn’t hit him yet.
1… 2… 3…
Shit, it was taking him longer to clamp than he’d thought. He sat and wet his pants for a few seconds longer than intended, and even after that he shamefully noticed that he continued gently dribbling on himself after he thought he’d stopped. His bottom felt so pleasantly warm, the urine running over his clamped legs but still seeping down his ballsack, trickling down his taint, oh so gently running through the hairs and moving over his butthole and up his crack, then spreading outwards across his cheeks. The front of his pants were clearly darkened, the heat forming a rivulet as the piss filled the space between his clamped thighs, resting like a warm body in a hammock before seeping further outward and downward into the material. Then, after a couple seconds of dribbling and leaking, he was back in control.
“There, isn’t that better?” Kyle asked him. Peter slumped his shoulders and lounged back into his seat, sighing as he finally got a moment of relaxation again.
“Oh, yeah” he drawled out. He closed his eyes. His muscles felt weak and shaky, like he’d just gotten an intense workout. He still felt the fullness in the distance again, but for now, finally things were calm again. Calm, warm… Cozy…..
Maybe it was the relief talking, but weirdly enough his pissy pants actually felt very comfortable, with the added heat of the piss mixed with the gentle dripping and relief. Honestly, he could get used to this. The thought made him blush.
“See? There’s nothing wrong with it. Peeing in your pants isn’t actually a big deal at all. If you truly truly can’t find a bathroom or can’t make it in time, just let it go and then clean it up whenever you can.”
Peter nodded. “Thank you so much. It’s really nice to know that, especially since we’re gonna be here for a good long while.”
“Yeah, truth be told, I forgot about this construction completely. I’ve kinda had to pee a little bit since the movie, so you’re not quite alone.”
Peter felt even better hearing that. “You know, once you get past it, it kinda feels really…” Peter blushed, then continued. “good? In a weird way- to actually just go pee right in your clothes, right where you are. Its so warm. Who would’ve guessed it was so comfortable- Pissing in your pants!”
“Maybe it’s compensation for the fact that you’re wetting yourself?” Kyle suggested, eliciting a chuckle from both of them. A silence ensued, then Kyle broke it again.
“You know, it was actually kind of cute.” He blushed.
“What was?”
“Watching you have to go so bad. You were so into the movie, but wouldn’t stop squirming,” Now Peter was blushing again. “And it was nice to see you stop struggling. It wasn’t gross at all, I was just happy for you.”
Peter’s eyes welled up. He leaned over and kissed Kyle before sitting back down. This was gonna be a pleasant car ride, even if it was way too long.
Kyle’s trick only worked for a short time. After about 27 minutes, Peter was squirming in his clammy pants again. This would’ve been fine, only the construction had made it so that they had only covered about ¼ the distance they normally would’ve. It looked like he still wasn’t gonna make it. There realistically wasn’t anything he could do. He was inevitably gonna just sit there in the passenger seat and pee his pants completely. He let out a breathy whine.
“Fuck- Man, it’s just as bad as before,” Peter panted breathlessly, “I don’t think I can make it – I think I’m gonna piss my pants again. Fuck, I have to go to the bathroom!”
“Remember, it’s alright. If you really have to go just go ahead and use your pants. Just wet your pants,” Kyle was also subtly fidgeting at this point.
A spurt warmed Peter’s underwear again. “Shit. I’m about to go on myself. I’m gonna piss my pants.” He looked down at the oblong dinner plate of pee in his jeans, which had started to fade, to see it darken and shine again in the middle as he involuntarily let another spurt go. His underwear was warm and again nearly soaked with the bodily fluid. “I’m doing it. I’m going in my pants! I’m gonna wet my pants!” He had started to just go to the bathroom. An audible hiss emerged as he peed himself more uncontrollably. Runny urine again warmed and thoroughly saturated his briefs. While his jeans were wet to just below the button, his underwear was saturated from now yellow-stained waistband to nearly all the way up his behind. “I’m going. I’m pissing myself.” He finally decided to give in completely, let his accident happen, and just pee his pants. He already knew it was far too late.
Yellow urine was filling his seat, staining his pantlegs down the middle and running clear into his shoes, the pleasant heat now flowing into his socks from the gentle rumbling of his balls and shaft as the pee rushed out of him. He threw his head back, closed his eyes and sighed. Warmth, relief, and comfort enveloped him as he relaxed his whole body, totally just using his pants as a urinal without any regard or restraint. He pissed, and pissed, and pissed all right into his clothes and the car seat.
Over a full 90 seconds later Kyle glanced over to see that he was still urinating. Man, he really had to go! They could still hear it, both the gentle whirr of urine rushing into his jeans and the pattering of the seat’s overflow spilling onto the floor mat. Watching it all was really reminding Kyle of his own need. At this rate, by the time they got to Peter’s house he might end up joining him!
Peter kept going, wanting to be sure he completely emptied his bladder. as his stream finally slowed to a trickle, he couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with so utterly and completely wetting himself. He felt blissful, euphoric even. Even the smell of it was soothing to him, even almost sexy in a strange, primal way. Both him and Kyle quietly enjoyed the pleasant, musky odor of Peter’s accident. Finally, Peter felt the last dribbles escape, and he was finished.
“All better?” Kyle asked with a devious smile.
“As better as better gets” Peter grinned back. He lifted one foot a bit and shook it, just to see the droplets of pee fall from his still-dripping pantleg. Good lord, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever felt something so relaxing as relieving himself right where he sat, right into his pants. So relaxing, in fact, that he noticed he was starting to become erect.
The next hour or so was largely uneventful. By the time they were about ¾ of the way there, Kyle was rocking and kneading his own crotch and Peter had to go yet again. Having already had an accident all over, Peter didn’t really care anymore and just peed his pants again, letting it go almost without hesitation. He sighed and as his pants re-warmed and emitted that lovely hissing sound again, Kyle groaned.
“Shit, I don’t know if I can hold it the rest if the way either. I might have to let it go in my own jeans too,”
“I mean, I don’t see why not, right? You said it yourself,” Peter replied, still pissing..
“Well, if it comes down to it…” Kyle ssid through gritted teeth and continued kneading and fidgeting. Peter finished up pretty quickly.
Another fifteen or so minutes passed without incident, until Peter heard a quick slash, followed by a longer shhhhhhhh, then finally a hiss that gave way into a steady whirr as he looked over and saw the crotch and legs of Kyle’s blue jeans darkening. He too, could no longer hold it in and was now pissing into his pants. Kyle let out an almost cartoonish sigh and grin, so relieved to finally just be going to the bathroom, even if it was in his pants.
“Well, can’t say I didn’t try,” he said with a smile, still peeing his pants.
“Join the club!” Peter added, almost wishing he still had to pee at the moment just so he could join in. Childish as it was, he was really starting to like this new philosophy. Kyle laughed, making the urine spray out harder.
“Didn’t you hear me earlier? I’ve been in this club WAY longer than you!”
Peter started to laugh too, making him realize he was peeing again almost without noticing. He was in such a relaxed state that his body didn’t even bother with a signal.
They both laughed, then smiled to each other, pulling off at Peter’s freeway exit. This was going to be a wonderful night.

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  1. wow this was so hot, I was rock hard the entire time, love how descriptive this is. Can’t wait for more!!

  2. I really hope you write a part 2 to this. You have a wonderful way with words and this is probably the hottest story on this site. Thank you!

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