A one night stand gone shitty, but right

It was a warm busy night in the city of Pensacola Florida; a beautiful night during the summer where both people who were on vacation and locals were enjoying the nightlife. Andrea was among the visitors who decided to take a couple weeks off from work to travel to the sunshine state to enjoy a vacation, and it was during this vacation that a series of events would occur that she could never forget. On this Friday night, she decided she wanted to go to a nightclub to have some fun, as well in hopes to have a little one night fling as she was single and often a very horny woman. At 26 year young, she has yet to settle down and has no intentions of doing so anytime soon. She was still enjoying her single life and was satisfied with the occasional one night stand. She would often dress up in revealing clothing that was very sexually suggestive, which she often did on purpose as a means to gain attention. On this particular night, she decided to wear a short tutu style skirt with a pair of sexy string blush pink bikini style panties and a tight slashed style t-shirt that showed much of her cleavage. Prior to going out to the nightclub, she already had herself a few drinks and ate at a local Mexican restaurant which she may later regret. She walked to the nightclub and eventually showed up to a long line.

To her luck, Andrea did not have to wait too long in line, because it was lady’s night, and her looks, she was allowed to skip the line and go through the VIP access. There, she already met a guy who was one of the regulars and a high roller who was a VIP member. He treated her to several drinks and they had a good time. By closing time, her new found fling asked her if she wanted to go back to his place, without hesitation, especially after seeing he owned a Ferrari, she hoped in with him and they went to his condo that he owned and often used as his summer home. When they got to his place, he led Andrea by the hand out of the car and into his place.

After entering his residence, Andrea was already very horny and knew from when she seen her car, she wanted to fuck him. Andrea has a couple more drinks with him and he starts caressing her. While sitting on the couch, he massages Andreas pussy through her panties, and slowly begins to slip off her tutu skirt, after just a few minutes, he takes Andrea’s panties off and starts fucking her in the missionary position. Aftr a few minutes of fucking, Andrea tells her new found male friend that she wants him to fuck her in the ass, eagerly her lifts himself off of Andrea and turns her on the couch with Andrea posted on on her hands and knees. Her males friend starts out by licking her asshole, which causes her to let out loud moans as she has never experienced something this pleasurable before. Before she knew it, her males friend slips his large cock up her ass slowly and Andrea moans at the sensation of his girth stretching her asshole wide. He starts out with slow gentle strokes, but proceeds to go faster until he his fucking her in the ass so hard that her ass cheeks are clapping up against his thighs loudly and she moans to each consecutive penetration up her ass that seems to feel like it’s going deeper each time. At a certain point, the aroma of shit can be smelled throughout the room they’re fucking in, but neither one of them care as they’re enjoying this sensual moment. Eventually, his rock hard cock ejaculates with intense pressure onto the walls of her asshole, Andrea felt every warm blast of cum shoot up into her ass and she enjoyed it. Never before, had she felt such a pleasurable sense of sexuality while at the same time feeling very slutty. It was a moment where she felt unapologetically pleasured and hoped to someday repeat this experience again. After they were finished, Andrea put her panties and tutu skirt back on (it was the only clothing she took off for this encounter as everything moved so fast). After putting her clothes back on, Andrea got her new friend’s number and proceeded to leave his condo. She decided to walk because her friend wanted to get to bed as her had business to take care of the next day and she felt like it was a nice enough night to walk home. However, her next experience would lead her to regret that decision.

On her way home, Andrea started to feel a strong urge to shit, however she felt she could hold it and she bypassed two gas stations that were open because she rather use it in her hotel room. However, about two miles away from her hotel, Andrea realized that she may not be able to any longer hold it. After traveling about half a mile out of the two miles she had left to get to her hotel, the urge got stronger and stronger. Andrea realized that perhaps eating Mexican food, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and taking an 8 inch cock balls deep up her ass and deciding to walk 3 miles home afterwards was not the smartest idea she ever had. Eventually, Andrea could no longer hold it, and as she stopped and froze for a moment on the sidewalk she was walking on, a large solid turd accompanied with a gaseous semi silent fart noise slipped out of her ass and into her cute panties forming a heavy bulge on the backside of her panties. The bulge was quite noticeable due to the extremely short length of her tutu skirt that already provided a nice bottom side view of her ass to anyone fortunate enough to be behind her. While feeling extremely embarrassed and ashamed, Andrea also couldn’t help but feel better as her stomach no longer cramp from the urgent need to use the bathroom. Andrea continues to walk home in her soiled panties as there was no place where she could ditch them unnoticed due to heavy traffic being present along the main strip she was walking along. As Andrea continued to walk to her hotel, many people passing by her would offer her a ride, many of them handsome men she otherwise would gladly accept and possibly have another one night stand with. However, she was afraid of anyone noticing her mess. Unfortunately for her, many people did notice but nothing was said her her little accident. When Andrea finally got to her room, she was too tired and intoxicated at that point to even clean herself up, the most she did was shed her tutu skirt and she laid down on the bed on her stomach in her soiled panties to go to sleep. But not before having one last moment of having another orgasm. Andrea decided she wanted to masturbate in her soiled panties, so as she laid on her stomach, she rubbed herself until she came really squirting on the bed she was laying on resulting in her panties getting wet on the front side. After cumming, Andrea fell asleep in her soiled panties. The next morning, she was woken up by her male friend whom she forgot she gave her room number and an extra key to. Andrea was embarrassed as she realized he saw her in her soiled panties, but he didn’t care. As soon as she woke up, her friend mounted on top of her, moved her panties to the side, and gave her a repeat of last night. Only this time, Andrea go to experience messy anal for the first time in her life, and she LOVED it!

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