A Number 3 Accident?

I’ve both read and posted a number of stories that revolved around people having accidents in their pants. I especially like reading stories about people posing their pants. Today, I experienced a slightly different story. I didn’t wee or poo my pants… but I’m convinced I could say I had an accident.

I had to spend about half an hour at a bus stop just around the corner from my house. It is usually a somewhat busy bus stop, with the main bus taking people into the centre of town. About 5 minutes standing at the bus stop, a middle aged woman approached and sat at the vacant bench right next to me. I’d seen this woman around town before, and she was hard to forget. She’s not that pretty, at least late 40s… but she has really massive tits.

They aren’t those ridiculously round basketball-like tits… they’re actually really floppy. They stick out at least 12 inches and sit a good couple of inches wider than her chest.

They were super wobbly, too. I’d bet if you looked close enough, you’d see her tits wobbling to her heartbeat. She isn’t a big woman. In fact, her ass and legs are very skinny. It’s like her body put every ounce of energy into growing her tits.

Anyhow, she was busy reading her magazine, and I was taking every opportunity to look at her chest. She was seated and looking down at her magazine, whilst I stood next to her and stared at her bosom. When she turned a page, I noticed something. Her right arm pressed inward against her right breast and squashed her breasts together. It was at that point that I had to adjust my underpants….

After about half an hour of checking out her massive tits and diligently concealing my stiffy, our bus arrived. She took one of those inward facing seats, whilst I took a forward facing seat, half way toward the back. From there, the view became more intense.

My town has an over-abundance of speed humps. There would be at least 40 of them on the 20-minute bus ride into town…..

Every time the bus went over a speed hump, this woman’s tits wobbled like crazy. Not only would they bounce up and down… but they would sway, and squish around in all different directions. They took so long to stop wobbling after every speed hump, that we had already reached the next one. Basically, this woman’s tits were wobbling for the entire bus ride. She was engrossed in her magazine, and by the time we got into the centre of town, at least half a dozen other passengers were staring intently at this woman’s tits, as they wobbled like crazy.

However, I didn’t make it. My poor diddle couldn’t handle such an amazing sight. My stiffy was pressed hard against the inside of my undies, and I could feel a pressure building. If there were 40 speed humps on this bus trip… I lasted about 20. After one particularly abrupt speed hump, the woman’s massive tits bounced so high, I’m astonished that they didn’t smack her in the face! This one jolt caused her tits to bounce up and down at least 10 times, and they weren’t small bounces. It was like the kind of tit bounce you would see if she were doing jumping jacks. I couldn’t handle it, and so I had an “accident”.

I completely creamed in my pants. I couldn’t help it, I was trying to stay calm, not touch anything, stop it from happening. I really tried to hold it in, but today was just the day that I was destined to cream in my pants on the bus.

Of course I kept watching the amazing tit wobble for the rest of the journey. It had so many other passengers captivated. But now I had a huge, warm creamy mess in my undies….

Should I call this an accident? I didn’t mean for it to happen. It’s the first time I’ve creamed my pants in at least 10 years.

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